Thursday, January 22, 2009


First, I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday like I said. Pink eye has taken over my house. How does this happen you ask! Well, one day you wake up and notice yuck in your son’s eye. You wipe it out because it is gross. That’s the end of that right?! Well the next morning it comes back. You are a little more concerned now. Why is he getting yuck in his eye! He is not running a fever, he is not acting sick, and he is even sleeping very well. So once again you wipe it out and go about your day. The third day comes and yuck has over taken your son’s eye. It is almost sealed shut. So you head over to the doctor’s office to see what’s up. 2 hours later you head over to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled. 45 minutes later you are on your way home. Then you struggle for 15 minutes to get the drops in your son’s eyes. Half hour later you almost have him to sleep because suddenly he has become the boogeyman. So the rest of the day goes on much the same; trying to keep the “boogeyman” happy and away from the other children. So again I apologize!

On a better note I could just eat these cards. Ya’ll know how much I love cupcakes. I am sure you can just imagine my reaction when CTMH came out with a new cupcake stamp add that with my favorite paper and woo hoo I’m happy! I had only a short time to play with these last night I can’t wait to get really creative with all that I can do. I am imagining layers and sparkles, what do you think?

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