Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where have I been!

I know! I can tell you one thing I haven't been stamping or scrapping. With school out I just don't have the time. Well I know what you are all saying "make some time!" isn't that what I say to you when you dare utter those words! You should be glad to know I am taking your advice. I am a very sensible women you know. I understand the importance of pampering and indulging myself (especially when it comes to my favorite things like cupcakes, martini's and scrapbooking) . In light of this recent "lack" or scrapbooking time I am glad to announce that I am going on a scrapbooking weekend. To make this even better I get to leave on Friday! So in all honesty I have been "scrapin' and stampin" but it's just been to organize page kits and pack supplies. I also had to deal with the "death" or my cricut. It is very sad but it just stopped cutting. I was devastated as you can all imagine. Costumer service came to the rescue though and promptly put a new machine in the mail for me (once I explained that there wasn't any time for me to send them mine and wait for it to be returned. We are talking about a scrapbooking weekend this only happens once in a great while around here! ) I'd like to give a round of applause to the company for understanding the urgency of the situation and agreeing to ship my new machine before receiving the old! So that is what has been going on in my pink scrappy life! Here is a little picture that I am sure will make you happy.

It hangs on my front door and every time I step foot into my comfy little home it reminds me of how happy and how great my life is.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do you fart?

I've always liked to think that in a past life I was once a princess. (I also think I was a cat and bee but we'll not talk about that now.) I can see me sitting in my darling new pink silk gown drinking tea with Mama and making small talk about the weather and the latest play we just attended. Beauty and leisure surround me and I am free to live as I please. Forwarding to reality, I'd like to tell you a little story about my "proper" self. Let me set the scene for you: Mother and son sitting all sweet and cozy on the couch together. Adoringly she looks at her sweet little boy. His full attention is on the TV while little talking Disney bugs run wild across the screen. The room quiets and a soft "toot" fills the air. The mother smiles and says "excuse me." Thinking that all is good she once again turns her attention to the television. After a few moments she feels someone staring at her. It's a long heavy stare. It could only be one person and he is staring, in shock, with a wondering, confused look on his face. You can see the wheels turning in his little head. He wants to say something but just doesn't know what to say. For a good 20 seconds he stares her down with a look of astonishment. Finally he says "girls fart too!?" The mother is rather amused by this comment. She is actually surprised that it took him 41/2 years to figure it out. So sweetly she says (trying not to laugh) "Gavin, everyone farts." He rolls this around in his head for awhile. He looks back to his movie and continues to watch it. After about three minutes he looks back at his mother and for the next ten minutes tells her every thing he remembers about everyone, animals included, that has ever farted in front of him. All she could do is smile and say again, "Yup, everyone farts."
Pretty funny story huh! Of course it's true. Of course it happened to me and my sweet little man. I couldn't believe he saw me in such a light. He was so honest about his question/discovery I could do nothing but giggle at him. To think that he has lived thinking that he was the only one who could push gas out of his butt! Mikayla must really have him convinced that "he did it" all the time! I ruined that one for her. He knows our secret. Girls fart too.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hanna stamp challenge

While Matt's been away I've had so much time to play!

I made this sweet little card for the Hanna stamp challenge. I just love this little moose. I wish I could pluck him right out of the card and put him in my house to hang out with me! The picture is a little washed out but he is as rich and darling as ever. I heard a rumor that next month we may be looking at some more cute little moose at Hanna stamps. Lets all cross our fingers and give a little shout out to God to have this small little delight be true. So as I said before since Matt has been gone I've gotten quite a few cards done. 10 to be exact. I see all those smiling faces out there hoping one of them would end up in their mailbox. I am very stingy though. I almost never send them out. They stay safe and sound in my cute little green box. They are my pride and joy and why would I ever let them go. I mean really who makes them to send them? So often times you will find me running into Walgreen's to pick up a card for whatever party we are on our way to. I should be ashamed of myself. This wonderful crafty cardmaker person I am, handing over store bought cards to the people I love and cherish the most. How do I rid myself of this awful hoarding habit. I guess I'll figure that out when I also stop hoarding my paper crafting supplies!

Friday, June 6, 2008

MFT Challenges

I know this card IS just udderly delightful. I made this card for the MFT guest designer challenge. Although I looked at the other entries and think that I still have A LOT to learn about the card making world. I can't believe some of these women's cards. They are so beautiful I wouldn't even want to send them! Someday I may become a fraction as good as them. If you would like you can check out all of the other entries HERE. Hey if you are really ambitious enter one yourself you have until 6pm tonight!
Now this adorable little card I used the same stamp set but added some great CTMH paper. This is one of my favs as I am sure I've said before. I just love the colors and the design just screams Kelly and fun! I did this one for another one of the MFT challenges. Again the other cards are just beautiful so check them out HERE. I hope some of you decide to come and play some of these challenges with me. I get lonely being the only one who doesn't have other friends participating.

Now lets talk about the naughty thing I did last night. I just couldn't help myself. I know I shouldn't be spending any more or collecting any more stamp sets until all the ones I have have been inked up (well, other than CTMH ones since it is the buy 2 get one free...I mean really who can pass up that!) Yet I went ahead and ordered some of the new releases from my favorite things and Hanna stamps. Good thing Matt is away so I don't have to look him in the eyes and not tell him what I did. I had a little money in that stickin' paypal account and instead of being the good little saver and putting it into the bank account I put it right into my new stamp sets. I should feel really awful but I am too excited about getting my new stamps!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Alright, I know I am not a sports fan. Yet last night I acted like one. Instead of being at the all too cool MFT release party for this awesome new cupcake set that I just had to have, I watched the Wings win the cup. I loved watching it again. I remember when it happened six years ago. I remember the excitement in hockytown. I remember the way Red Wings shirts and flags and hats and banners were worn and hung everywhere. I remember the radio contest for tickets to the game. When something like this happens it just brings pride to a city and this city needs it. So Detroiters lets put on our party hats and show everyone how proud we are. GO RED WINGS!