Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hanna Stamps...not just for cards!

I think a lot of people under estimate stamps. They think stamping and they think card making. Well I am here to tell you that my Hanna Stamps have finally graced a scrapbooking page. Although I do not have the photo on it yet, that will soon be done. I don't only like to use my alphabets on my pages. I love to create my own patterned paper, stamp and cut out images and add stamped stitching (I am too cheap to go buy a sewing machine still!) The stamp companies I see often only have cards posted on their websites. I am feeling a little left out. I am not a excellent card maker. Although I do use my scraps from my pages to do a card creation here and there I mainly use my stamps on pages. So here is my request to all you awesome (hehehe this is Mikayla's favorite word right now) stamp companies, grab some scrapbooking designers and see how wonderful stamping is on pages!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just gotta have it

Do you ever walk into a scrapbooking place and just HAVE to get something. This was one of those things. I went into Joanns the other day and found these cute stickers. I didn't have a plan for them but just wanted them. So I went over and matched up some paper, brought them home and went to work. I am not sure if it was the orange that caught my eye or that they said giggle (which I think is just a silly little word, it is perfect for what it is describing). Anyway this is what I came up with and I like it. I love the little saying on the bottom. "A laugh is a smile that burst" That's just what it is. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I was Tagged!

Here goes:

Hi, my name is : Kelly

But you can call me : Kelly

Never in my life have I : Gone to Vegas when I wasn't pregnant

What drives me nuts is: When I leave my house clean and I come home to it a mess (this happens quiet often I am afraid)

My high school is : Rogers (I'm From Grand Rapids)

When I'm nervous : Talk to much and share WAY too much information.

The last song I listened to was : "Winner at a losing Game"

I think My hair is : not done often enough

When I was 4 : I didn't talk...I am not sure what happened to that.

Last Christmas : Was my brother's Official first Christmas out of the army and home with his family.

I should be : Cleaning my house

When I look down I see : My Phone and a bowl of fruit

The happiest recent event was : I won a stamp contest...I never win anything!

If I were a cast member on "friends":I'd be Ross, I am a weirdo and say really off beat things.

By this time next year : I hope to have some of the issues in my life settled.

My current gripe is : Not having enough time for anything

I have a hard time understanding : Why I need 200 stamp sets...but I sure do love it.

There's these girls : who love scrapping and stamping just like me but we can't seem to get together often enough.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be : Depends on what kind of award it was. I am sure Matt would be one of the first people though.

I want to buy : A SLR digital camera. Most likely a canon

Where do you plan to visit : Arizona

If you spent the night at my house : You would have to sleep with the kids and will have to wake up pretty early because my kids just LOVE company

The world could do without : Political battles and a news media that seems to focus on so much negative and not enough positive.

Most recent thing I've bought myself : A set of Prismacolor markers on ebay for a steal!

Most recent thing someone else bought me : My mom bought me starbucks.

In the morning I : hate to get up and get everyone ready to go.

Last night I was : At our schools charity auction hanging out with some of my favorite people.

There's this boy I know who : Is so red headed and cute that I could just scream. His charm is always on and he has me wrapped around his little finger. He also has learned how to almost say thank you and has finally learned how to walk with shoes on.

If I were an animal I'd be : Everyone is going to laugh at this. I would be a dog. Mainly because dogs always seem to work there way into scrapbooks and I want to be in scrapbooks.

A better name for me would be : Queen, because that is what I am.

Tomorrow I am : Going to church and then helping the Bride do some crafty last minute things for a wedding coming VERY soon!

Tonight I am : Going to be scrapping with some friends at laura's awesome charity crop for kids.

My birthday is : January 19th Not the big 30 yet! yup I'm rubbing that in.

Laura you are Tagged!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MFT Sale

I found this on another website and was so touched by the story and the mission. Please consider taking time to look at these wonderful stamps and placing an order.

MFT is having a sale through Friday April 18th. Here is the message From MFT (My Favorite Things) Owner her name is Kim: A few months ago, I posted about a friend, Tish, who’d been diagnosed with a very rare form of ovarian cancer. Tish battled through 6 rounds of chemo only to discover two additional tumors, one on her spine and one in her stomach. My heart fell when I read her CaringBridge post which broke the news. Since her diagnosis last August, the family has held the motto of DRIVE ON! in dealing with this aggressive cancer and fought a valiant fight. Tish lost her battle early Tuesday morning, and I found out about it late last night. Tish leaves behind two beautiful, young sons and a hubby, Todd, who I worked with for several years in my past life. I know Todd much better than I knew Tish, and know just how difficult this has been and will continue to be for the immediate future. Prior to Tish passing, a benefit was planned to help the family recover from the mounting medical bills and ensure a bright future for the boys, Tucker and Tanner. The benefit is still underway, but with a more solemn feel. My husband and I are donating some items to a silent auction, and this is a picture of the gift card holder for that auction. The content of the gift card is about $200 in MFT merchandise, and I know every little bit helps. But I want to do more.
Todd was the most compassionate, tender-hearted *boss* I’ve ever had, and I want more than anything to really help this family.
So what I’ve decided to do is two-fold: 1) Starting tomorrow {Tuesday}, I am offering a 10% discount on ALL stamps on the site. Use the coupon code Tish at checkout to receive 10% off all all the stamps in your shopping cart. (It won’t discount your other merchandise, just stamps.) The coupon code will run from Tuesday, April 15th-Friday, April 18th. 2) I will donate 10% of ALL proceeds (including money spent on other items on the site) to the family at their April 26th benefit.
FYI***The discount is only for retail customers***
I am making it my goal to personally make the payments on the FL College Pre-Paid plan for the boys during an entire year which will be about $1200. Please help me reach this goal.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot Colored Eyes

Kids say the silliest things. My kids are no exception. Sometimes you just can't figure out what in the heck they are saying. Let me know if you get this one?

Matt and I are downstairs. Matt is working on the computer(posting stuff on craiglist his new addiction) I am of course over at my scrapping station creating my next masterpiece (heehee). Gavin, with much urgency, comes running down the steps, he leaps into the office, jumps right into Matt's lap and says very quickly, "I need my hot colored eyes in the kitchen! Come on Dad lets go, I need them!" Matt looks over at me. I shrug my shoulders up and down. Matt looks at Gavin and says "What?" Gavin quickly tells his story again. I start laughing. Matt again looks at me for help. "Gav, what do you need again, say is slowly for daddy okay." I go back to work(still laughing.) Gavin a little slower says " I need my hot colored eyes in the kitchen." Matt "I got the kitchen part, say the first part again." Gavin is getting upset now so huffs at him "MY HOT COLORED EYES!" Matt looking still more confused says "what colored eyes?" Gavin, getting off topic, replies "they are blue. Your eyes are green (they are really not green Gavin just thinks they are. Matt's eyes are really blue.) I have Green eyes too, Mikayla doesn't though she has blue eyes. The hot colored eyes are blue though." At this point Matt and I are both laughing. We keep asking him to repeat it and we keep laughing every time he says it. "I want my hot colored eyes" Gavin cries. Finally Matt goes up stairs with him to solve the mystery. So what do you think he was saying? To finish the story you have to go back a couple of days to Grandma's house. While Gavin was spending the afternoon with her he some how convinced Grandma to go to toys r us and buy a toy for him. They decided on Race Car Lego's. In the Lego's there is a Helicopter or as Gavin would say a "hot colored" yup he had lost the "hot colored's" eyes in the kitchen. They had fallen between the stove and the counter. So Matt still doesn't get it. He comes down stairs and says "he wanted me to get the helicopter Lego piece. It had fallen...Etc." I looked at him in amazement. Did he not connect the dots yet? Is it a super natural mom ability to decode child talk? I guess so. "Matt," I say "hot colored eyes, helicopter eyes." Yeah he got it after that.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Phone call

I received a very unexpected phone call last night. It's one of those phone calls that surprises you like no other. It wasn't the person calling more like the information she was calling about.

Jana - "are you sitting down?"

ME - "yeah"

Jana - "are you by the computer"

Me - "no"

Jana - "Did you see the winners of the Challenges?"

Me - "DID YOU WIN!?" (I say very excited. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the only logical conclusion to this type of questions.)

Jana - "NO, YOU DID!"

"@#%&! You are kidding me! I can't believe it! Are you sure?" I then proceed to run downstairs and log into the split coast stampers website. I quickly went to the challenges, clicked on winner update and there is was Mypinkscrappylife! I really Won. I screamed and screamed and talked and said I couldn't believe it a million times. (all of this over winning a 16 dollar stamp set...could you imagine what would happen if I won the lottery?) I've been beaming from ear to ear ever since. I have even causally told a few people...I know I'm being a little bragger! I just can't help it. I still can't believe it. I was by no means the best? There is no way I could be the winner. I still find it so hard to grasp! Anyway, thank you Hanna Stamps SOOOOOO much I can't imagine being any happier. YOU MADE MY WEEK!

Now I can't even wait to get the new stamps sets and put them to work. I haven't stopped using the ones that I already own!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hanna Stamp Challenges!

This card was for Challenge #2 It was a color challenge. The card says, I'm having a hard time Keeping up! you open it and it says... Happy Belated Birthday.
This was for the challenge #11 we had to use stripes some where on our card.
This card was made for challenge #1 and we had to cut at least 1/2 along the side of the card.

all my hanna's were hand painted again using making memories paint.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Okay so I did do some pages

This is just a cute little one I put together before I had any pictures in mind. I was playing with CTMH's Let's Get Together paper and came up with this. I took these pictures of me for my blog! It says D is for delight. Don't I just radiate delight!?
This is one of our first family of five pictures. It was taken on Peyton's 1st birthday. Don't look to closely at me I look awful. Those fashion people on what not to wear would most defiantly not let me pose in a picture let alone leave the house!
Sweat personality pictures of Mikayla. I haven't finished the journaling but I love how the page turned out.

Thanks for looking I have to go clean what I can we have some visitors coming to our house tonight!

Paint, Paint, Paint

I've been having fun with paint over the weekend. So I haven't gotten any pages or cards done but I sure did paint up some images. I just thought it was fun and relaxing. I also cleaned out my scrap space. I can't believe how much "junk" I have. I found old items that I was so happy about and couldn't wait to make something out of and a couple of items that were "what was I thinking?" Anyway here is a little bit of what I did. I used some Hanna stamps, bella's and of course CTMH!