Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot Colored Eyes

Kids say the silliest things. My kids are no exception. Sometimes you just can't figure out what in the heck they are saying. Let me know if you get this one?

Matt and I are downstairs. Matt is working on the computer(posting stuff on craiglist his new addiction) I am of course over at my scrapping station creating my next masterpiece (heehee). Gavin, with much urgency, comes running down the steps, he leaps into the office, jumps right into Matt's lap and says very quickly, "I need my hot colored eyes in the kitchen! Come on Dad lets go, I need them!" Matt looks over at me. I shrug my shoulders up and down. Matt looks at Gavin and says "What?" Gavin quickly tells his story again. I start laughing. Matt again looks at me for help. "Gav, what do you need again, say is slowly for daddy okay." I go back to work(still laughing.) Gavin a little slower says " I need my hot colored eyes in the kitchen." Matt "I got the kitchen part, say the first part again." Gavin is getting upset now so huffs at him "MY HOT COLORED EYES!" Matt looking still more confused says "what colored eyes?" Gavin, getting off topic, replies "they are blue. Your eyes are green (they are really not green Gavin just thinks they are. Matt's eyes are really blue.) I have Green eyes too, Mikayla doesn't though she has blue eyes. The hot colored eyes are blue though." At this point Matt and I are both laughing. We keep asking him to repeat it and we keep laughing every time he says it. "I want my hot colored eyes" Gavin cries. Finally Matt goes up stairs with him to solve the mystery. So what do you think he was saying? To finish the story you have to go back a couple of days to Grandma's house. While Gavin was spending the afternoon with her he some how convinced Grandma to go to toys r us and buy a toy for him. They decided on Race Car Lego's. In the Lego's there is a Helicopter or as Gavin would say a "hot colored" yup he had lost the "hot colored's" eyes in the kitchen. They had fallen between the stove and the counter. So Matt still doesn't get it. He comes down stairs and says "he wanted me to get the helicopter Lego piece. It had fallen...Etc." I looked at him in amazement. Did he not connect the dots yet? Is it a super natural mom ability to decode child talk? I guess so. "Matt," I say "hot colored eyes, helicopter eyes." Yeah he got it after that.

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Keri said...

That is hella cute. I can't wait to see the scrapbook page for gotta scrap it.