Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did you know?

That W really stands for Mr. Wonderful winker?
Mikayla is learning the letter people in school. She hasn't really jumped up and down about any of them (and they are almost done oh no!) I am always afraid that she is going to be the awful reader in I was. I hated reading in front of the class. I was one of those children who was just torture to listen to. I feel sorry for all of my teachers as I struggled along. I was not the cutest child either. I had big crazy hair, which I NEVER let my mother brush, the beautiful big front teeth and a not so pleasing sense of style. Even with the uniforms I stuck out. Ever since Mikayla was born I prayed that she would not end up like me, have all the cuteness I lacked and be so much smarter then I was...well at least when she was older. Much to my doom she is as drifting and unaware as her mother. It's not that she has no interest in school but she would rather be making crafts and making friends. She loves her free time. She picks up on stuff fast but only when she wants to. Anyway, this morning Mikayla wakes up and jumps into my room. With big bright eyes she looks at me and says "do you know that Mr. W is wonderful winker?" She then distorts her face in numerous ways attempting to make it look like she is winking. First both eyes were closing in a rather jerky manner. Next she attempted the open them REALLY wide and try to wink. She proceeded to close one eye real tight and have the other one slanted open. The whole time her mouth is just opening and closing with each try. After a full three minutes of trying she says very matter-of-fact "when you close both eyes that is called blinking NOT winking." I stared and stared trying not to giggle as over and over and over and over she tried. Finally she says "sometimes you've just got to hold it, that is how I wink." The rest of the morning was filled with more winking. She talked about Mr. W and how he starts Whale and wish and wonder and walking and waking and Woomer and whoopee and went and...Okay I think you get the idea. The more I thought about winking today the more I started to laugh. The image of her trying and trying was imprinted in my head. I can't even imagine what it must have looked like in her class room yesterday with 16 six year old's all trying to wink. Do you as a teacher keep a straight face and compliment every child on their attempt? Do you just let out the laugh in risk of hurting their feelings? Or is my child the only one who can't in the slightest make herself wink? In all of this at LEAST she finally likes a letter person.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


About a year ago, while on a plane home from LA, I was reading a scrapbook page. It was actually a photo of a scrapbook page. This particular page happened to spark a bit of emotion in me and I was some how "changed" inside. Really it was what the page said. It was something about happiness, which I feel I can never have too much of and at times feel that I could use a little push in that direction. It was one of those pushes that I need a couple of weeks ago. I sat in bed at 1 or 2 in the morning feeling all sorry for myself and my little scramble of a life when I remembered this page. I thought to my self, "who made that page?" The answer came quickly, Stacy Julian, a scraping queen of simple scrapbooks magazine and also the author of one of my most favorite books, Big Picture Scrapbooking. The next day I started browsing through the book again enjoying it just as much as I did the first time. While looking for the book I realized that I have WAY to MANY scrapbooking magazines lying around my scrap space. With in days I came up with a genus idea. I always go through them and tag the pages that inspire me, so I went in and cut out all those pages (and a few more along the way....sometimes almost the entire magazine!) and punched some holes and put all of them in a three ring binder. The left over pieces were recycled and gone. I then realized, much to a broken heart, that the "page" I was looking for was NOT in the book at all. I was so stinkin’ disappointed. So mad at my self for keeping these magazines around for years and years and then when I REALLY wanted one it was gone. Or was it? I have always kept my scrapbooking and card making idea books in different places. Well as I started to go through them I made a discovery, it was a simple scrapbooks magazine. (can I just say the ONLY scrapbooking mag in the whole pile). Filing through it I came across a page...I should say THE page. My stomach turned at the eerie-ness of it all. With all my idea books gone off to become insulation or recycled toilet paper I thought the page was lost in my memory forever. Suddenly, there it was staring at me. I was scared. What if it wasn't worth all the hoopla I had placed on it? What if it didn't inspire me to find "happiness" again and fill that little place in me that needed it? I stared at the page not sure of whether to read it or send it to the recycle bin. Then I got to thinking of all the times that Ms. Julian has inspired me, all the times when I've read her journaling (which by the way we should all do more of!) and laughed or cried or both. She is one of those people that can just put a rainbow around your heart. I wish I could be more like that; I wish I could ALWAYS feel good and bring out the best in everyone. I wish I could give sprinkles cupcakes to all and let them feel that warm fuzzy feeling deep down. You know, that senseless feeling you get with one of those itty bitty pleasure, like pretty pencils or pink bubble gum or a fancy blue tray from target. She produces these feeling all the time. Everyone that has seen her talk, taken one of her classes or just by reading her blog becomes overwhelmed with happiness and inspiration. Wow what a women. I realized I couldn’t possibly be disappointed by ANY (or nany if you are speaking Mikayla) of her pages. How could I? Now I bet you are all dying to know what the page said. The title of it is "altogether too happy" and to sum it up she was sad and mad at her life. Her dad says to her "It's too bad it's not about YOU anymore." Then she gets this great idea which I just loved: "No one can make me happy, but me. Happiness is a choice." Right there, right there it says it all. I didn't need that page to make me happy I just needed a reminder that only I can make myself happy. Enough said...right?! The best part is at the bottom of the page is says "lesson learned", again enough said! So, do you think this is spooky or what? I know, I know I am sure God decided to send me a little kick in the butt telling me to get over myself but did he have to freak me out by doing it? Spooky, spooky, spooky it should be October not February in the Kuehn house right now! Needless to say I am never recycling THIS magazine.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hokey Pokey

I was at my Aunts house for a stampin' up party this week and I ran across this saying

"What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about"

I laughed right in middle of the demo. All eight people looked at me with that look. I just stared back at them. I couldn't stop giggling about it the whole party. I was so amused by this stamp. It didn't help that I the night before I had just watched a gym full of grown men and their adorable daughters shaking it all about at St. Thomas' daddy daughter dance. So here is the result of my rather inappropriate giggle.

Cardstock- CTMH, Patterned paper and stickers -Heidi Grace (my favorite stuff) Prima flower.

Baby Mikayla

Here are a couple of pages I did with daisy d and melissa frances. The big bloom and cardstock are from CTMH, rub ons from Making memories , ribbon from basic grey and smaller flowers are prima.

A dinosaur in my house

I was peeking through my scrapbook journal last night and I found this story. It's funny how easily you forget things. While I was reading I laughed and laughed and decided that I was making a page. Heres the journaling"

Kid's imaginations simply amaze me. They are full of joyous wonder and truly believe anything is possible. Gavin is no different then any other three year old in the imagination department. To illustrate my point I will tell you a little Gavin story.

One night Gavin decided to fall alseep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Upon doing so he wanted to make sure NO ONE disturbed him. He decided to lock the bedroom door. Climbing into the bed he snuggled down deep and fell fast alseep. Later that night Mom tried to open the bedroom door and was unable to get in. Next Dad tried. Soom both Mom and Dad were screaming and screaming trying to wake Gavin up. To no avail they finally gave up. Dad went to the tool closet and got out a hammer and a saw and busted a big hole in the door.

The next morning Gavin awakes in his own bed. Wondering what happened he walks over to Mom and Dad's room. To his great surprise there was a HOLE in the door! He screams " A dinosaur ate the door!" Oh how I wish I would have taken a picture of that hole. I never would have thought a dinosaur could fit into my house and eat a door!

all products on the page are from Close to my Heart. (except the ribbon which was from Micheals)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guess what

There is a super special guy coming to my house today...his name...the UPS guy! I think I'll take a picture of the pretty box on my front porch so you can all share in my bliss!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My very own Sprinkles

Oh how they do tease me, offering a sprinkles recipe online for all to try. Of course I had to put it to good use, of course I didn't have all the fancy mixers and whole food products in my possession. Yet I went ahead and did it anyway. I went ahead and with sore arms and hands from swooshing and mixing and turning and scooping delivered up some homemade sprinkles cupcakes. I even went as for as to make there frosting. The results you ask? The results of this debacle are below.

Yup, there is my attempt for cupcake perfection. The results were the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. I originally had a dozen but between my darling husband and my three children (Peyton who screamed and screamed for more frosting) these are the six remaining beauties that I made. This whole ordeal has left me only wanting the real thing even more.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sprinkles cupcakes

For those of you who do not know me well or if it has escaped your memory I am in love with the show "The girls next door." Bridget (apparently the second in line) is my favorite she is just a pink scrappy girl in my mind. She is just not as "perfect" as the other girls and seems not to care. She is also the one who cries about everything (I have a couple of these at home too!) Plus on top of all these other wonderful things she likes to eat! Eating is the reason for this post. On the show she is constantly talking about sprinkles cupcakes. Once, the viewers were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these adorable things. These are not the world’s fanciest cupcakes. They are actually rather plain. There pink cuteness just drives me crazy and I have been dying to get my little hands on one forever! I keep telling Matt that I am going to LA to get some cupcakes (sorry girls I honestly think this is my driving force for LA at the moment!)

On Tuesday mornings, while Gavin is at school, I am always looking for something to do which is close by. This Tuesday my Mother-in-law happened to be home. Peyton and I headed over there. She was watching Martha Stewart. I am not a fan. I would rather poke my eye out then watch her. This woman drives me absolutely nuts. I bet you can all guess who was on the show that day, though. (Hint. It's not Bridget.) It was the owner of Sprinkles cupcakes and available for all to view is her very own recipe for some strawberry cupcakes! The even better and rather ironic news is that they are opening a new store; I wish I could say it was in Detroit but, it's not, it's in Scottsdale, Arizona. So I see you all saying "okay, Kelly, so what!" Matt has been in love with Arizona since I met him in 2000. He has wanted to move there for so long. I am not always on board with this idea. I have too much invested over here and have a school I love, friends to hang with, and lots of places to scrap. I think this may have changed my mind. I finally have a reason to actually want to live in Arizona. As silly as it is the simplest joys are what seem to make me happy. I think that it would be easy convincing me to move IF sprinkles cupcakes were involved everyday of the year! I've never even tasted one. (I am making them this weekend but I am sure they will never be as good as the real thing) Just the chance to be able to look at one anytime I wanted has its charm enough for me, especially the pink ones.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What a Girl!


This is for you. Your PJ Crop and all the effort and time that went into it really paid off! I didn't get a single page done (as I was being the little CTMH consultant doing make-n-takes!) but I couldn't think of a more fun way to spend my saturday. I was so pumped up about scrappin' That I made a couple of pages yesterday! I can't wait to go to the next one. Don't worry I'll keep you all posted on when it is going to be.

On another What a girl note!

John and Tracy welcomed a new baby girl into the world last week. Lets give Ashli a warm random blowing kiss! I am sure God will know where to send it! I haven't seen the little bundle of joy yet but I can't wait!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is what's going on in my scrappy life

Here are my latest scrapbook pages. Most of the stuff is CTMH I think there maybe a few odd little items that are from some where else. I swear I don't love Peyton the most I just did a lot of his pages this week!


Just a reminder to everyone that the PJ crop is this weekend. Laura has done the BEST job getting things all squared away. She put such hard work into this and I know it's going to be a A-W-E-SOME (sorry still haven't gotten all the cheers out my head) day! Check all the info out at Plus read her 0-so-entertaining stories.


I have a crush...I must admit that it's not even on one person. It's an awful one to have too! It's not on a sports player or movie star either. It's just on a group of ordinary people. Brace your selves. It's the UPS guys. There is not a man in the world that makes my heart beat so loudly...sorry Matt. He fills me with anticipation, he is never on time, and he brings me the most beautiful things. But mostly he makes me wait. There is no question of my love for CTMH items. My consultant status makes this little crush even more dangerous. I get to see and order the latest and greatest the second it becomes available. Once an order goes in all I can do it wait, and wait and wait and wait. Then one of the most joyous things on earth happens and it's called a "quantum notice" This is a VERY special email that my UPS guys sends JUST to me. It contains very little but, very important information called "expected delivery date" I feel my heart pound as I quickly look at the calendar to see how long I'll have to wait. (I have three kids I never know what day it is.) Then the dreaming starts. Mainly of the more then scrumptious white and black box that will soon be sitting on the porch. The only thing that could make these dreams better is if our CTMH boxes were pink....mmmmmmmm now I'm in heaven. The days inch by so slowly during these times of waiting for an order. I smile knowing that soon today will be the day. It's inevitable it always happens. Finally "expected delivery date" arrives and I can't think about anything but that UPS truck. Many times during the previous days I have smiled lovingly as I watched those heart crushing guys drive by in those disgusting brown trucks (again this would be so much better if they were pink.) This is when I start getting mad at my crush. He never ever ever shows up at a round about time. So all day I have to sit and listen and make sure I don't hear those glorious wheels coming down my street. It gets even worse. My neighbor has a car that sounds like a tank and believe me on that beautiful "expected delivery date" He must leave and come back 75 times. It's like he knows. So every time I hear that stupid piece of loud tank crap of a 1980's jeep I jump and run to the window. I have to do this very carefully too. I have very nosey neighbors and I don’t want them to think I am strange. So I quickly run to the almost point of the window. Very sneaky peaky I look through the little crack in my curtains to see if I can spot the brown truck. Yet, disappointment fills me up to my tippy top and I sigh when it’s not him AGAIN! Well don't feel too bad for me. The box has always arrived. My crush has never let me down. But he sure does leave me in a whirlwind for a couple days and sometimes even a week or more. The moment the box arrives I have to contain my excitement to not scare him away. I mean could you imagine having ME on your delivery route if I screamed and hugged and kissed you every time you brought me a box? I have a feeling that they may not come anymore. I know I couldn’t handle being dumped by the UPS guy.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Just love those legs!

Baby legs are the greatest thing ever. Espeically my baby peyton's! They are just so chubby and sqeezable I can't stand it. Everytime I pick that little guy up I am givin' his legs a little scrunch. He laughs and giggles and tries to squirm away...typical baby huh! So here is a picture of them...and hopefully and new scrapbook page to follow!