Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sprinkles cupcakes

For those of you who do not know me well or if it has escaped your memory I am in love with the show "The girls next door." Bridget (apparently the second in line) is my favorite she is just a pink scrappy girl in my mind. She is just not as "perfect" as the other girls and seems not to care. She is also the one who cries about everything (I have a couple of these at home too!) Plus on top of all these other wonderful things she likes to eat! Eating is the reason for this post. On the show she is constantly talking about sprinkles cupcakes. Once, the viewers were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these adorable things. These are not the world’s fanciest cupcakes. They are actually rather plain. There pink cuteness just drives me crazy and I have been dying to get my little hands on one forever! I keep telling Matt that I am going to LA to get some cupcakes (sorry girls I honestly think this is my driving force for LA at the moment!)

On Tuesday mornings, while Gavin is at school, I am always looking for something to do which is close by. This Tuesday my Mother-in-law happened to be home. Peyton and I headed over there. She was watching Martha Stewart. I am not a fan. I would rather poke my eye out then watch her. This woman drives me absolutely nuts. I bet you can all guess who was on the show that day, though. (Hint. It's not Bridget.) It was the owner of Sprinkles cupcakes and available for all to view is her very own recipe for some strawberry cupcakes! The even better and rather ironic news is that they are opening a new store; I wish I could say it was in Detroit but, it's not, it's in Scottsdale, Arizona. So I see you all saying "okay, Kelly, so what!" Matt has been in love with Arizona since I met him in 2000. He has wanted to move there for so long. I am not always on board with this idea. I have too much invested over here and have a school I love, friends to hang with, and lots of places to scrap. I think this may have changed my mind. I finally have a reason to actually want to live in Arizona. As silly as it is the simplest joys are what seem to make me happy. I think that it would be easy convincing me to move IF sprinkles cupcakes were involved everyday of the year! I've never even tasted one. (I am making them this weekend but I am sure they will never be as good as the real thing) Just the chance to be able to look at one anytime I wanted has its charm enough for me, especially the pink ones.

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Jana said...

I saw the same episode while waiting for the dr to see me ( an hour past my appointment time) but I digress!! I want one of those Sprinkle me one!!!

How fun!