Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well, Hello Sunshine!

The morning arrives. The sunshine is usually not yet lazying in through the cracks in my curtains when the squeaking of my door makes me quick to hide my smile. Peeking those blue eyes in, usually with blanket over the head, is my morning sunshine before the sunshine. With fast little patters, one big leap and a scurry across the bed he looks at me and says, "I'm cold." Which in little boy language means "I want to get under the covers with you so I can wiggle around until you are forced to wake up." Those little cold feet slide in and plant themselves some place on my body and just as is expected the wiggle dance begins. He moves from side to side, feet in feet out, pillow no pillow until finally he puts his big fat smile to my face and says, "I'm thirsty." Which in little boy language means "get up." On most mornings my sunshine comes in through my door with a head full of red hair and an adorable smile and a big smacking kiss just for me. Well, all I have to say is HELLO SUNSHINE!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ever Feel Hopeless?

Have you ever felt completely hopeless about a page? Like no matter what you do it just isn't working the way you want. This is one of those pages for me. The idea just couldn't make it to paper, the balance just seemed off, the colors needed something. Of course I could have just hidden it away in my hundreds of pages but I wanted to prove that I am above being a crazy scrapper and sometimes it's better just to stop, add your story and move on. So trains you can beat it....I am moving on.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Money Can Buy

Teaching kids about money is about as fun as getting smacked in the face. It's so hard to see the disappointment in their faces when there just isn't enough...and there is never enough. So when the lesson is approaching I prepare myself with a positive attitude, an ice pack and maybe a stiff drink (insert martini here). Being on a budget for adults and children alike reminds me of being on a hunt, you are stalking your prey once you pounce you can only hope that there is enough
"money power" to take it down. Unfortunately for Peyton the million dollar train table escaped but Herold the airplane was captured, bagged and brought home. Gavin, always so sensible, went straight for the trains and picked one without any fight. The drama queen, as so many of you know, can never be pleased and will capture and release many times over. After hunting for hours her tummy got the best of her (and maybe the idea of it being made before her eyes) so taffy was her treasure and she was even kind enough to share. The lesson here: shopping is a fight so go out and win some battles.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mustache Smile

Who needs milk when you've got my home made berry smoothies?! Of course you have to devour these scrumptious delights in a martini glass. Kelly style all the way.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1 BIG smack

Ever since Peyton was little he has had one big smack of a smile. He lays it on you like a wet disgusting kiss. Those beautiful blue eyes of his get super shiny, send tingles down your spine and then he slaps you with that grin. Doesn't matter how mad you are it wipes it all away. I think it's his total childish innocents. He has that down. All his bad is in the name of fun or curiosity which makes it a lot harder to stay upset. Mischief is his friend and they need a good wing man so that big lovable giggle-filled grin comes in handy on most days. I admit it I think it is completely irresistible and if I had a choice between staring at that big smack all day or having it taken away for a million dollars I'd choose the smack. Smack me up Peyton I love it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Full of Flair

Of course they are full of fair, they are MY children. Each with their own kind of flair. If I had to buy flair to describe them or to at least show their personality it would be easy as pie. Mine or course would be a pink cupcake in a martini glass topped with a yellow sparkling crown. What would yours be? Maybe a lollipop or a fast red car or a ladybug. Mikayla's would be some sort of colorful fuzzy animal. She adores animals. She is constantly talking about having a pet or some sort. Usually saying something like "When I move out I am going to have a pink cheetah as a pet." or "when you finish fixing up the house can I get a cat and call her cheddar?" She would rather spend hours playing with her littlest pet shop toys then watch TV, play with her millions of Hannah Montana Barbies or even glance at her Polly Pockets. Not complaining...just thankful. Gavin is easy and really needs no explanation other then I've never wanted throw away a $300 toy in my life...until now. All I would do is find him a Super Mario Brothers pin and call it good. He lives and breathes that game right now. He makes pictures of the different worlds. He talks about characters who I don't even know. Fireballs and fly hats and mushrooms and lives all fill his head. If he is not playing the game he is talking about the game. How far he has gone, how he is going to beat the next part, popping people out of bubbles and scoring points and lives. SIGH! Peyton is a little harder. I think I would get him one that said "Red heads rule." It would cover the fact that he is a freak with red hair that must have belonged to some other ancient relative. It pretty much covers his I am tough and get what I want attitude and it's short and to the point. I love flair. I love looking and thinking about it. I love that it makes me smile. Which all in all is a good thing since all my kids have it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Heart's Delight

Peyton is the most animated of all my children. He is crazy and intense, his temper often gets the better of him and he has no patience for anything. He wants what he wants and he wants it now! Honestly I can't blame him for trying to eat up as much of life as he possible can. It's a shame we are all only young once. Sometimes I feel like he KNOWS it goes quick so he is going to have the best time while it last. He loves to watch everyone around him and try to do what they are doing. Of course getting angry when it doesn't go his way, but he doesn't like giving up. He's a little fighter. "Play hard or go home" I swear I hear him thinking this. It is not that often that you will find him calm and reflective. Lounging around on the soccer field taking a break from complaining that he is too young to play on the team yet just isn't like him. Yet, there he is probably pouting because he missed the ball or thinking of what he can get away with next. Admitting you love your child's faults is hard. I know I should be stronger and sterner with him. I know I shouldn't let him get away with being so aggressive. Finding the energy and the will has been hard with him. It's so ingrained in his personality I feel like I will change him. Stupid logic I know. Whatever you want to think of it, his strong will, temper, passion it's my delight. I love that I have another strapping push forward personality in the house! I guess he could be called my partner in crime!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Excuses

So there is no need to remind me of how long its been. The shame and guilt have come and gone. The sad September 2009 date of my self taught stamper makes me laugh because really not much has changed. I only wish I had some awesome excuse of why I left my beautiful pink blog to sit and rot away in the vast Internet world. Sigh. Unfortunately I did not steal my family away from reality and go backpacking through Europe, or take a very extended cruise to all the exotic places I only dream about, I didn't become a member of a cult that does not use modern technology and (thank goodness!) I didn't stop scrapbooking! And since I have no one else to blame and I feel the child like need to point fingers I will blame it all on facebook.
I am here from the same location, with the same three crazy children, same quiet hubby and same passion for paper as ever before. My scrapbooking supply has grown, my pictures have taken over the closet and my obsession with crowns, cupcakes, martinis and paper flowers have flourished. The past 10 months have been interesting to say the least. So let's begin again.

Yes that is my daughter and yes she is in a dog cage and that is how she spent her new years eve. I know the joys of childhood right! Our wonderful friends invited us over to ring in the new year with a bang, 8 adult, 13 children and 1 dog. Do you think the millions of toys scattered across the house could be enough to entertain? Or course not. The dog cage, like the classic box, was the most entertaining, desired and played with object all night. Now let me introduce you to Mis-matched princess Mikayla.

Need I say more. Star Power girls.