Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Money Can Buy

Teaching kids about money is about as fun as getting smacked in the face. It's so hard to see the disappointment in their faces when there just isn't enough...and there is never enough. So when the lesson is approaching I prepare myself with a positive attitude, an ice pack and maybe a stiff drink (insert martini here). Being on a budget for adults and children alike reminds me of being on a hunt, you are stalking your prey once you pounce you can only hope that there is enough
"money power" to take it down. Unfortunately for Peyton the million dollar train table escaped but Herold the airplane was captured, bagged and brought home. Gavin, always so sensible, went straight for the trains and picked one without any fight. The drama queen, as so many of you know, can never be pleased and will capture and release many times over. After hunting for hours her tummy got the best of her (and maybe the idea of it being made before her eyes) so taffy was her treasure and she was even kind enough to share. The lesson here: shopping is a fight so go out and win some battles.

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