Sunday, July 11, 2010

Full of Flair

Of course they are full of fair, they are MY children. Each with their own kind of flair. If I had to buy flair to describe them or to at least show their personality it would be easy as pie. Mine or course would be a pink cupcake in a martini glass topped with a yellow sparkling crown. What would yours be? Maybe a lollipop or a fast red car or a ladybug. Mikayla's would be some sort of colorful fuzzy animal. She adores animals. She is constantly talking about having a pet or some sort. Usually saying something like "When I move out I am going to have a pink cheetah as a pet." or "when you finish fixing up the house can I get a cat and call her cheddar?" She would rather spend hours playing with her littlest pet shop toys then watch TV, play with her millions of Hannah Montana Barbies or even glance at her Polly Pockets. Not complaining...just thankful. Gavin is easy and really needs no explanation other then I've never wanted throw away a $300 toy in my life...until now. All I would do is find him a Super Mario Brothers pin and call it good. He lives and breathes that game right now. He makes pictures of the different worlds. He talks about characters who I don't even know. Fireballs and fly hats and mushrooms and lives all fill his head. If he is not playing the game he is talking about the game. How far he has gone, how he is going to beat the next part, popping people out of bubbles and scoring points and lives. SIGH! Peyton is a little harder. I think I would get him one that said "Red heads rule." It would cover the fact that he is a freak with red hair that must have belonged to some other ancient relative. It pretty much covers his I am tough and get what I want attitude and it's short and to the point. I love flair. I love looking and thinking about it. I love that it makes me smile. Which all in all is a good thing since all my kids have it.

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