Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1 BIG smack

Ever since Peyton was little he has had one big smack of a smile. He lays it on you like a wet disgusting kiss. Those beautiful blue eyes of his get super shiny, send tingles down your spine and then he slaps you with that grin. Doesn't matter how mad you are it wipes it all away. I think it's his total childish innocents. He has that down. All his bad is in the name of fun or curiosity which makes it a lot harder to stay upset. Mischief is his friend and they need a good wing man so that big lovable giggle-filled grin comes in handy on most days. I admit it I think it is completely irresistible and if I had a choice between staring at that big smack all day or having it taken away for a million dollars I'd choose the smack. Smack me up Peyton I love it!

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