Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Excuses

So there is no need to remind me of how long its been. The shame and guilt have come and gone. The sad September 2009 date of my self taught stamper makes me laugh because really not much has changed. I only wish I had some awesome excuse of why I left my beautiful pink blog to sit and rot away in the vast Internet world. Sigh. Unfortunately I did not steal my family away from reality and go backpacking through Europe, or take a very extended cruise to all the exotic places I only dream about, I didn't become a member of a cult that does not use modern technology and (thank goodness!) I didn't stop scrapbooking! And since I have no one else to blame and I feel the child like need to point fingers I will blame it all on facebook.
I am here from the same location, with the same three crazy children, same quiet hubby and same passion for paper as ever before. My scrapbooking supply has grown, my pictures have taken over the closet and my obsession with crowns, cupcakes, martinis and paper flowers have flourished. The past 10 months have been interesting to say the least. So let's begin again.

Yes that is my daughter and yes she is in a dog cage and that is how she spent her new years eve. I know the joys of childhood right! Our wonderful friends invited us over to ring in the new year with a bang, 8 adult, 13 children and 1 dog. Do you think the millions of toys scattered across the house could be enough to entertain? Or course not. The dog cage, like the classic box, was the most entertaining, desired and played with object all night. Now let me introduce you to Mis-matched princess Mikayla.

Need I say more. Star Power girls.

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