Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Self Taught Stamper

Once upon a time I would get all up in fits when something of mine would get ruined by one of the kids. I remember Mikayla wasting a whole roll of toilet paper, ruining my brand new make-up and my newly painted walls being colored on...with red pen. All those times I was so angry that I couldn't find the humor in any of it. I was so worried about the stuff that I forgot to enjoy the creativity and wonder of my little girl. Two kids later and bags full of broken, ruined and stained belongings I've lightened up and learned to move on. So when Peyton's curiosity got the best of him and my black ink pad became his medium I rolled with the punches and thanked God that it wasn't my staz-on instead. Black hand prints covered my living room floors, walls and furniture the only thing he forgot to get all inked up was the stamp sets! It's hard to be angry when the joy on his face spread even further by showing me what he had done. I laughed at him when cleaning up the mess seemed to bring him as much excitement as did making it. So here's to rolling with the punches and taking one for the team.