Monday, September 29, 2008

a giggle for you!

I came across this card in my stash. I looked at it and giggled (oh so naughty too!) to myself. So here is a giggle for you!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I hate shopping.

This may come as a surprise to many of you. I hate shopping. I love the buying part. The hunting for the perfect item (even better when it's a great price!). I love shopping for my kids. Scrapbook shopping is an instant pick me up. What I hate, I mean really hate is when you HAVE to shop. It seems that when you are in dire need of something simply fantastic all those cute little shirts you saw last week are gone! (It is one of the greatest mysterious of the world.) Today I was on the hunt. I had my husband's approval to buy. I didn't even care if it was on sale. I just wanted something, anything for this upcoming special event (like the one I am attending tonight). Store after store disappointment after disappointment, I just couldn't find something that screamed Kelly which of course has to be cute and sassy. I walk the malls all the time! Usually with kids in check, a Starbucks in hand and no money but the 20 dollars that is needed to buy diapers or toilet paper or pay for that silly field trip I forgot about. Then suddenly the most stunning item ever will be in my view and I just will not be able to get it. I feel the pain as this piece of beauty is just so out of my grasp. Yet, when I am geared up and ready to go it's all gone. It's like someone came and stole every cute piece of clothing ever made. So I drag my poor darling husband around from place to place with a stellar crowd of tired kids. In the stores Mikayla is annoying everyone with her constant questions and observations. Peyton starts screaming while the very angry (probably at the crowd of children in the dressing room) 20 something who is just buying another night-at-the-bar shirt, which was totally the wrong color for her, trips over his stroller. Then Mikayla decides to be Hanna Montana in front of the mirrors jumping on and off the step singing "It's the best of both worlds!" All the while I am staring at an array of tops that just aren't me and are rather blah! (I know you are all wondering where Gavin is aren't you? Well he is an angel and just doesn't get in any trouble. All the sales ladies looked at him adoringly and I know they were wondering what happened to the other two...) Anyway, I leave for home with a shirt that is totally not suitable for a "special" event but was on sale and decided would be great for my first PTL meeting and two pairs of pants for Matt. The irony of it all. I hate shopping.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cocktails anyone?

I have a love/hate relationship with impulse buys. I am a true advocate for getting rid of all junk. I preach at school functions how I dislike the money that is wasted on small toys and paper ripping erasers. I complain that my children don’t appreciate or respect the things that they have. I groan when we arrive at McDonald's and the kids start whining about getting a toy. Yet, I never fail to pick up at least one dollar item in the check out line. What a hypocrite I am! Lately I’ve been practicing the art of diverting my attention away from those made in china, instantly on a recall list, ever clever and inviting pieces of junk. As I stood in line one day I desperately tried not to be tempted by the bins of colorful goodies. I thought even staring at the rows of candy would be less of a temptation. Suddenly, this caught my eye (please look above!) Honestly who can resist a cocktail? Obviously I can't. I bought it against my better judgment too. How could a stamp set that cost just a dollar be any quality? Why would I even gamble with my hard earned money? Again, against my better judgment I did the "it's just a dollar" shrug and went away with it. Now thanks to my bad junk spending habits I have this delectable card to show. I think I may even go make myself a cocktail right now! A martini sounds good. Maybe I'll even make it a pretty pink one and top it off with some strawberry cupcakes! I just love Fridays!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gavin's 1st Soccer Game

The rain kept coming down. It poured in buckets. Even under the umbrella we were not safe. I use to drive past these fields, warm and cozy in my car thinking "what on earth are these parent's thinking!" I have officially become one of "those" parents. I sat in the rain, waiting for my child's turn in the game. I waited with an impatient 6 year old and a running around 1 1/2 year old for my little Gavin to join his team. The moment arrived and I yelled and cheered and sat in the rain becoming more and more drenched by the minute. Nothing, I mean nothing in the world could have taken me away from watching. He chased after that ball. The glee of every kick overwhelmed him so much he had to stop and wave at me every time his little foot touched the ball! Gavin was so happy, so proud of himself and he had so much fun. I guess you can now add "soccer mom" to my list of names. I deserve it after sitting in the pouring rain for an hour to watch a four year old play ball!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adorable Cards!

It has been an eventful weekend. I totally had to miss out on Close to my Heart's regional celebration (I am so bummed I couldn't go). Lucky for me my BFF Kristen was so sweet to show me all the great things that they made, all the fun topics they discussed and to top it all off she gave me a challenge and I met it! (I'll be expecting my new bag shortly right!?) The other great news is that she also introduced me to another CTMH sister who gave me a template to make these adorable card kits! These sweet little boxes made out of our new magic moments paper hold 10 cards and 10 envelopes. I could just eat these little things. Below is a sampling of the cards that are inside. Let's give a big thank you to Rebbecca for showing me how to do these! (I can hear the crowd roaring...can you!) Well I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off to School

It's a sad and happy day at my house. The first day of school. Mikayla was "charming" of course, having to get up so early this morning didn't do well for the princess. In the end the excitement prevailed and she even stopped to pose for mom's camera. What am I going to do with out her. I'll be the only girl in my house of boys...bored boys I should say. Anyway, wish my family and I luck as we head into the first grade, start dance classes, play soccer and try to hatch it out for another year.

I know what you are thinking "what a bad mom! She didn't even take her to school on her very first day!" Really stop, I am such a tender heart. I thought I would share in the joys of raising our children with her father. He never gets to do the very special stuff like me. Being such a hard worker he misses out on so much. How could I deprive him of this wonderful moment in our daughters life?! (and lets forget the fact that I got to stay home and not worry about getting the boys dressed or myself, lounge around, play on the computer and not get started with my day until after 9.) I am such a giving person aren't I?