Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off to School

It's a sad and happy day at my house. The first day of school. Mikayla was "charming" of course, having to get up so early this morning didn't do well for the princess. In the end the excitement prevailed and she even stopped to pose for mom's camera. What am I going to do with out her. I'll be the only girl in my house of boys...bored boys I should say. Anyway, wish my family and I luck as we head into the first grade, start dance classes, play soccer and try to hatch it out for another year.

I know what you are thinking "what a bad mom! She didn't even take her to school on her very first day!" Really stop, I am such a tender heart. I thought I would share in the joys of raising our children with her father. He never gets to do the very special stuff like me. Being such a hard worker he misses out on so much. How could I deprive him of this wonderful moment in our daughters life?! (and lets forget the fact that I got to stay home and not worry about getting the boys dressed or myself, lounge around, play on the computer and not get started with my day until after 9.) I am such a giving person aren't I?


Sandra T. said...

What a big girl!!! Don't they grow up way too fast!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra T.
CTMH sister

Kristy said...

Good luck Kelly & Matt with this new chapter!! A 1st grader in the house will be SO fun, I'm sure! You're a great mom and have a great family! :)

Nicole said...

What a cutie! You are such a giver, sounds like something I would do! :)

Way cute cards too!