Friday, September 19, 2008

Cocktails anyone?

I have a love/hate relationship with impulse buys. I am a true advocate for getting rid of all junk. I preach at school functions how I dislike the money that is wasted on small toys and paper ripping erasers. I complain that my children don’t appreciate or respect the things that they have. I groan when we arrive at McDonald's and the kids start whining about getting a toy. Yet, I never fail to pick up at least one dollar item in the check out line. What a hypocrite I am! Lately I’ve been practicing the art of diverting my attention away from those made in china, instantly on a recall list, ever clever and inviting pieces of junk. As I stood in line one day I desperately tried not to be tempted by the bins of colorful goodies. I thought even staring at the rows of candy would be less of a temptation. Suddenly, this caught my eye (please look above!) Honestly who can resist a cocktail? Obviously I can't. I bought it against my better judgment too. How could a stamp set that cost just a dollar be any quality? Why would I even gamble with my hard earned money? Again, against my better judgment I did the "it's just a dollar" shrug and went away with it. Now thanks to my bad junk spending habits I have this delectable card to show. I think I may even go make myself a cocktail right now! A martini sounds good. Maybe I'll even make it a pretty pink one and top it off with some strawberry cupcakes! I just love Fridays!

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Jana said...

I love your blog - tag you're it!!!