Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet Stella!

From the one and only Stamping Bella comes a new (to me) addition. Her name is Stella. Stella is not sexy. Stella is not perfect. Stella does have a whole lot of fun though. She has that "I'm fine the way I am" attitude. Stella says it how it is. There ain't no messin' with Stella. She is sassy and flirty and although not a super model by any means is happy. If I was a stamp I'd be Stella. (Doesn't the crown say it all!) I've only ordered two so far but I plan on having them all. You can get me (Stella) on the phone or hugging a cupcake or swimming in a martini glass. Stella has stolen my heart I think Matt better watch out.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is it love?

Do you remember young love? I do. I had a huge crush on a little boy in my class named Nick. He wasn’t the most popular little kid but he had glasses and at the age of 5 his brown eyes stole my heart. Now that I am all “grown” up I try to shy my children away from forming attachments to others so quickly and without reason. I want them to have a large group of friends and NEVER leave anyone out. Mikayla likes everyone but early on she showed strong attachments to certain kids in her class. Gavin on the other hand hasn’t really shown a preference to anyone. He is always a go with the flow kind of kid and doesn’t mind having other kids around but still is fine just being by him self. Recently this has all changed. My sweet little boy has fallen in love. He has the biggest friend crush on an adorable little blonde girl named Jessica. Jessica is the only person he wants to play with, he talks about her all the time, when he sees something that reminds him of her he says “oh Jessica would like that.” That little blue eyed angel has Gavin wrapped around her tiny finger. What is a mother to do? I must admit it’s not a match that I oppose. Jessica’s mother is one of my favorite people and I’ve admitted often that I would love to be apart of her family. They would never have a problem with inviting both sets of parents over, even Matt likes them. I guess at the age of four it would be a little unrealistic to start shopping for wedding dresses or booking a DJ but a mother is permitted to dream isn’t she. I always thought I would be dreaming of Mikayla’s wedding and picking out the perfect husbands for her. She has had no interest in boys. She only admitted to me once that she thinks a boy is cute. So for now Gavin will have to do and I know Jessica wouldn’t mind me tagging along as she tries on dresses and taste the cakes!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello Friend

Back when the close to my heart summer idea book came out I fell in love with this little stamp set called fun times. The stamps in it were just little critters frogs, turtles, a lizard and a snail. Above the stamp set was a little card with the turtle on it that said "hello friend" I thought that was just SO cute. I would point it out to everyone and say "isn't that just sweet." I never really had a chance to use it or make the card. Well I finally did do it and to my great surprise I didn't even copy the card like I had planned to in the beginning. Instead I've been on this let's get rid of stuff streak and have been trying to use up all my scraps of paper and old packs to make room for more stuff (yup the new fall/winter idea book just came out and my list is a mile long!) So here is my version of hello friend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Away I go!

Okay I know it's been forever since I posted. I am leaving on a camping trip tomorrow...I know me and camping I can't believe I agreed to go either. Anyway check out my gallery because I uploaded most of my pages that I did over my scrapbooking weekend! I'll be back in a couple of days and hopefully have some new stuff for you all to look at!