Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello Friend

Back when the close to my heart summer idea book came out I fell in love with this little stamp set called fun times. The stamps in it were just little critters frogs, turtles, a lizard and a snail. Above the stamp set was a little card with the turtle on it that said "hello friend" I thought that was just SO cute. I would point it out to everyone and say "isn't that just sweet." I never really had a chance to use it or make the card. Well I finally did do it and to my great surprise I didn't even copy the card like I had planned to in the beginning. Instead I've been on this let's get rid of stuff streak and have been trying to use up all my scraps of paper and old packs to make room for more stuff (yup the new fall/winter idea book just came out and my list is a mile long!) So here is my version of hello friend!

1 comment:

Jana said...

Fun paper!!! and teh stamp is cute.. Great card!!!

hey scrapping buddy!!! see ya Saturday 4 sho!!