Friday, July 9, 2010

My Heart's Delight

Peyton is the most animated of all my children. He is crazy and intense, his temper often gets the better of him and he has no patience for anything. He wants what he wants and he wants it now! Honestly I can't blame him for trying to eat up as much of life as he possible can. It's a shame we are all only young once. Sometimes I feel like he KNOWS it goes quick so he is going to have the best time while it last. He loves to watch everyone around him and try to do what they are doing. Of course getting angry when it doesn't go his way, but he doesn't like giving up. He's a little fighter. "Play hard or go home" I swear I hear him thinking this. It is not that often that you will find him calm and reflective. Lounging around on the soccer field taking a break from complaining that he is too young to play on the team yet just isn't like him. Yet, there he is probably pouting because he missed the ball or thinking of what he can get away with next. Admitting you love your child's faults is hard. I know I should be stronger and sterner with him. I know I shouldn't let him get away with being so aggressive. Finding the energy and the will has been hard with him. It's so ingrained in his personality I feel like I will change him. Stupid logic I know. Whatever you want to think of it, his strong will, temper, passion it's my delight. I love that I have another strapping push forward personality in the house! I guess he could be called my partner in crime!

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