Monday, February 18, 2008

My very own Sprinkles

Oh how they do tease me, offering a sprinkles recipe online for all to try. Of course I had to put it to good use, of course I didn't have all the fancy mixers and whole food products in my possession. Yet I went ahead and did it anyway. I went ahead and with sore arms and hands from swooshing and mixing and turning and scooping delivered up some homemade sprinkles cupcakes. I even went as for as to make there frosting. The results you ask? The results of this debacle are below.

Yup, there is my attempt for cupcake perfection. The results were the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. I originally had a dozen but between my darling husband and my three children (Peyton who screamed and screamed for more frosting) these are the six remaining beauties that I made. This whole ordeal has left me only wanting the real thing even more.

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Jana said...

Yummmy Where oh where is my Sprinkle Cupcake??? I'll have to look up the recipes online. I'll post a photo of my latest baked good.