Thursday, February 7, 2008


I have a crush...I must admit that it's not even on one person. It's an awful one to have too! It's not on a sports player or movie star either. It's just on a group of ordinary people. Brace your selves. It's the UPS guys. There is not a man in the world that makes my heart beat so loudly...sorry Matt. He fills me with anticipation, he is never on time, and he brings me the most beautiful things. But mostly he makes me wait. There is no question of my love for CTMH items. My consultant status makes this little crush even more dangerous. I get to see and order the latest and greatest the second it becomes available. Once an order goes in all I can do it wait, and wait and wait and wait. Then one of the most joyous things on earth happens and it's called a "quantum notice" This is a VERY special email that my UPS guys sends JUST to me. It contains very little but, very important information called "expected delivery date" I feel my heart pound as I quickly look at the calendar to see how long I'll have to wait. (I have three kids I never know what day it is.) Then the dreaming starts. Mainly of the more then scrumptious white and black box that will soon be sitting on the porch. The only thing that could make these dreams better is if our CTMH boxes were pink....mmmmmmmm now I'm in heaven. The days inch by so slowly during these times of waiting for an order. I smile knowing that soon today will be the day. It's inevitable it always happens. Finally "expected delivery date" arrives and I can't think about anything but that UPS truck. Many times during the previous days I have smiled lovingly as I watched those heart crushing guys drive by in those disgusting brown trucks (again this would be so much better if they were pink.) This is when I start getting mad at my crush. He never ever ever shows up at a round about time. So all day I have to sit and listen and make sure I don't hear those glorious wheels coming down my street. It gets even worse. My neighbor has a car that sounds like a tank and believe me on that beautiful "expected delivery date" He must leave and come back 75 times. It's like he knows. So every time I hear that stupid piece of loud tank crap of a 1980's jeep I jump and run to the window. I have to do this very carefully too. I have very nosey neighbors and I don’t want them to think I am strange. So I quickly run to the almost point of the window. Very sneaky peaky I look through the little crack in my curtains to see if I can spot the brown truck. Yet, disappointment fills me up to my tippy top and I sigh when it’s not him AGAIN! Well don't feel too bad for me. The box has always arrived. My crush has never let me down. But he sure does leave me in a whirlwind for a couple days and sometimes even a week or more. The moment the box arrives I have to contain my excitement to not scare him away. I mean could you imagine having ME on your delivery route if I screamed and hugged and kissed you every time you brought me a box? I have a feeling that they may not come anymore. I know I couldn’t handle being dumped by the UPS guy.

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Jami said...

Okay - you really are losing it!!! Hope you found your way home last night!