Thursday, February 21, 2008

A dinosaur in my house

I was peeking through my scrapbook journal last night and I found this story. It's funny how easily you forget things. While I was reading I laughed and laughed and decided that I was making a page. Heres the journaling"

Kid's imaginations simply amaze me. They are full of joyous wonder and truly believe anything is possible. Gavin is no different then any other three year old in the imagination department. To illustrate my point I will tell you a little Gavin story.

One night Gavin decided to fall alseep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Upon doing so he wanted to make sure NO ONE disturbed him. He decided to lock the bedroom door. Climbing into the bed he snuggled down deep and fell fast alseep. Later that night Mom tried to open the bedroom door and was unable to get in. Next Dad tried. Soom both Mom and Dad were screaming and screaming trying to wake Gavin up. To no avail they finally gave up. Dad went to the tool closet and got out a hammer and a saw and busted a big hole in the door.

The next morning Gavin awakes in his own bed. Wondering what happened he walks over to Mom and Dad's room. To his great surprise there was a HOLE in the door! He screams " A dinosaur ate the door!" Oh how I wish I would have taken a picture of that hole. I never would have thought a dinosaur could fit into my house and eat a door!

all products on the page are from Close to my Heart. (except the ribbon which was from Micheals)

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