Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hanna Stamps...not just for cards!

I think a lot of people under estimate stamps. They think stamping and they think card making. Well I am here to tell you that my Hanna Stamps have finally graced a scrapbooking page. Although I do not have the photo on it yet, that will soon be done. I don't only like to use my alphabets on my pages. I love to create my own patterned paper, stamp and cut out images and add stamped stitching (I am too cheap to go buy a sewing machine still!) The stamp companies I see often only have cards posted on their websites. I am feeling a little left out. I am not a excellent card maker. Although I do use my scraps from my pages to do a card creation here and there I mainly use my stamps on pages. So here is my request to all you awesome (hehehe this is Mikayla's favorite word right now) stamp companies, grab some scrapbooking designers and see how wonderful stamping is on pages!

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Jana said...

I LOVE YOUR PAGE!!!!! So friggin cute!! I might be motivated to make a page now. You are right it is so easy to make cards instead of pages when I want to play with my stamps.