Monday, June 9, 2008

Hanna stamp challenge

While Matt's been away I've had so much time to play!

I made this sweet little card for the Hanna stamp challenge. I just love this little moose. I wish I could pluck him right out of the card and put him in my house to hang out with me! The picture is a little washed out but he is as rich and darling as ever. I heard a rumor that next month we may be looking at some more cute little moose at Hanna stamps. Lets all cross our fingers and give a little shout out to God to have this small little delight be true. So as I said before since Matt has been gone I've gotten quite a few cards done. 10 to be exact. I see all those smiling faces out there hoping one of them would end up in their mailbox. I am very stingy though. I almost never send them out. They stay safe and sound in my cute little green box. They are my pride and joy and why would I ever let them go. I mean really who makes them to send them? So often times you will find me running into Walgreen's to pick up a card for whatever party we are on our way to. I should be ashamed of myself. This wonderful crafty cardmaker person I am, handing over store bought cards to the people I love and cherish the most. How do I rid myself of this awful hoarding habit. I guess I'll figure that out when I also stop hoarding my paper crafting supplies!

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Summerthyme Studio said...

What a sweet sweet card!!!!

Thanks for Playing!!!