Friday, January 16, 2009

Growing to fast

Isn't this page just delicious!? I just want to swim in that cocoa color. I love the rich feeling of the dark red and the playfulness of the soft yellow and green. I attempted to use our rub-ons for the first time and was extremely pleased with the result. The title really seems to be growing out of the page! These pictures are very sentimental to me. We've been going to the same place to get our pumpkins for four years now. Each year we've taken pictures of the kids. It's amazing to me that the first year Peyton wasn't even in existence. We hadn't even talked about having a third child. It put things into perspective. Four years doesn't sound long but I feel like Peyton has been apart of our family forever. Funny how that works! I look at these three little babies (yes they are all still my babies!) and am so thankful for them. So happy to see the grow and amazed that they are mine. One of these days I'll print off all the years and put them on one page so we can really see how tall they are each fall!

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