Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Okay it's my Birthday. I am feeling very old. I've known my sister- in -law since she was in the 5th grade. She just turned 25 this month. I feel very very old. My oldest is 7 and the baby (who really isn't that anymore) is turning 2 on Wednesday. Yup still feeling old. I've owned two houses, had 6 different cars, been to Vegas 4 times and have known my husband for 9 years. (Sigh) old. Looking on the bright side of things I've been officially scrapbooking for the last 12 years. Wow. I remember when I use to buy all my supplies from the Hallmark and used construction paper and sharpies to make my pages. Later I moved onto the one and only "scrapbooking" store in Grand Rapids. The entire store was stickers (on rolls) they covered the store wall to wall. I slowly moved on to buying stuff from Joanns and the much fancier local scrapbooking stores. I now have been part of Close to my Heart for almost 4 years. Seriously where has the time gone? I've learned a lot in my years so I guess that could be considered "bright" too. I've learned that almost everyone says "my kids will never act like that" and then or course they do. I've learned that marriage is work. That life is only what you make it. That houses don't sell themselves and one day at a time is a lot easier said then done. I've learned that angels live among us. That rainbows really are God's reminder to us and that sprinkles cupcakes are worth every dollar. So I guess even though I am getting "old" I would rather be right here right now then 13 again! (That is for Mariah who thinks that I can't dance...which she may be right) So happy birthday to me! I hope I can make this year go by slower and enjoy life more and scrapbook as much as possible! I give you all permission to celebrate with me so please eat a cupcake, have a martini or a glass of wine , wear a crown all day and scrapbook how "old" you are!

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Jana said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Kellllllyyyyyyy! Happy birthday to you!!!