Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For my third paper pack I am going to showcase Amore. It's very romantic and lovely. The deep red makes me want to eat chocolate out of heart shaped boxes. When I was in high school I worked at a Hallmark store. I loved how every holiday, every season brought on new items and a new feel to the store. Valentines day was one of my favorite times. The bright colored chocolate boxes and fun heart shaped cards were all pulled and displayed in the front of the store. Men and boys of all ages would slowly and reluctantly walk into the store looking for a presentable card or gift for their sweet-heart. I would giggle to myself at how silly they all looked next to the usual grandma's who scattered the store on most days. This paper reminds me of that time. A time when I use to get cards and chocolates for my boyfriend and cared that they got me something too! Being a mother of three I now look forward to my children's hand drawn pictures and have long forgot about the fancy laced covered cards and bowed up candy boxes. So here's to the memories!

Okay I didn't make this page above. It's a layout done by one of the many talented people from Close to my Heart. I just thought it was so lovely and really fit my story so I wanted to show it to you all. The card on the other hand is fully mine!

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