Monday, March 3, 2008

What I did this weekend

Since and a person (who shall remained un-named) canceled scrapbooking AGAIN I was forced to go elsewhere to get my scrappin' fix. My kind and adorable Mother-in-law sweetly accepted my invitation to go settle ourselves at the large tables and stock filled LSS Papertales. Where we scrapped and shopped all night (well at least until midnight!) Besides my bag full of purchases I also was able to finish some pages.

Gavin's Valentines tree is using my minds eye paper and some other random stuff. What's the story? Well this little guy just loved his valentines so much he couldn't find the perfect place to put them. What is more perfect then displaying your most loved items on a tree? This is exactly what my little guy did. What a stinkin' cute guy.

I just realized that I already did a tissue page for Peyton. So now he'll have two. (the first one was with actual tissue not toilet paper!) As you can see from the pictures he was just so pleased with his little mess he made in the bathroom.
You've got to love little things. Here is my page to honor target and their dollar section. It's just these type of things that make my day just shine.

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Jana said...

I wish I could have joined you Kelly!! I haven't scarpped since the PJ Crop!! Cute pages!