Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What are best friends made of?

Apparently in my case Sprinkles cupcakes.

Yes, got some. I finally got to dive into the cutest cupcakes in the world. It's true they are the original thing. How did this happen you ask? Who was kind enough to send me sprinkles cupcakes and how in the world did they make it to Michigan still looking (and tasting) so perfect.

As many of you know this was a busy weekend for us Delta Tau girls. One of our very own is getting hitched and this weekend was the shower and girls night in celebration. My BFF (who left me for LA) is standing up in the wedding with me and flew in for the festivities. So Saturday I was sitting at our school crop talking and selling my CTMH stuff and having a good old time when in walks Amber with a brown bag. I am so excited to see her I don't even look we hug and then she holds it up....It's sprinkles cupcakes all the way from LA. I was shocked. Not in a million, billion, trillion years did I think that anyone would fly cupcakes all the way to Michigan to see me! Those four little things were just the loveliest things I have ever seen. Tears swelled up in my eyes as I looked from the box to her. How could such a simple thing bring such joy and love all at the same time. Once I got myself together a little I ran around the Gym showing off my cupcakes and my wonderful friend who had hauled them through security to get them to me! From the adorable store in Beverly Hills to LAX to DTW to Twelve oaks mall to St. Thomas. Those cupcakes came a long way to meet me and when we bit into them it was worth every mile (all 2000 of them!)

So here is a big (tear filled once again) thank you to the person in this world that loves me so much that she thought up all on her own to bring me my cupcakes.

PS they were 100 times better then the ones I made! It was HEAVEN!

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Jana said...

Kudos to Amber!!! That is so figgin awesome!!! Seriously!!

Confused by the twelve oaks part...what's at twelve oaks??

Go Amber!!