Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

It's been a long week in the Kuehn house hold. We left for Grand Rapids on Friday... in the snow...five hours later we showed up at my parents house. Where the boys screamed and cried because they are scared of my parents very big dog (really they are scared of all dogs at the moment...I will not name the "mean" puppy who started this...but you know who you are!) Finally Jake was banished to the basement and things started to settle down, well, as much as settled down ever happens at my parents house. My mom is one of those people who just creates craziness. I can't even explain it to you but much to my mothers dismay "things" are just always happening to her. Ten o'clock rolls around and Matt and Dad decide to go out for a drink (a much need drink after that drive).

Bed time comes around 12 and finally we have everyone asleep.

The next morning the boys head out to Todd's house (Traverse City Area). Two hours later the girls (and Peyton) head up there. Another two hours in the car. We arrive and once again the boys are "scared" of the dog. More tears and carrying Peyton around because there is no way he is touching the floor. Poor puppy gets sent outside (once again thank you unnamed puppy!) I am getting pretty sick of this "puppy" crying. Saturday rolls on with not a lot of excitement...remember we are in the middle of no where. We all go to bed in various places in the house and look forward to the morning.

Sunday comes and the morning quickly goes by with Easter Baskets, Breakfast and the Egg hunt. We pack up the car and are off again. 4 hours later we pull into our driveway and I have never been so happy to be home. 11 hours in the car over less then 48 hours is not my idea of fun. Not to mention more snow! I really need a vacation! I don't recall a time when I have liked snow as little as I do right now.

With my complaining done through all of this I did almost finish a sweater ( I should have had it done with all the driving!) and once the gift is given I'll post a makes me want to have another little girl though! So sweet. I am also going to post some of my scrappy pages and a fun How to tip on Close to my Hearts Pearl paint.

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