Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Handy Me!

I know I said I would post some pages. I promise they are coming. Instead of being a good little blogger I have been hard at work. I've been dying to get my hands on one of those Shelving units that making memories makes. The huge one with a price tag of 80+. It has ample shelf space and a place to hang ribbon on it. I've been jealous of it ever since I spotted it at Micheal's. Gazing at it in all it's white glory sitting on the shelf just waiting for me to buy it. It has been teasing me calling my name as I walk by at every visit. Then one day there was nothing. No sweet nothings being whispered in my ears! I was horrified to see it gone. I searched the store looking to find another, kicking myself for not grabbing it the million times before. I left the store feeling rather deserted, deceived at the comfort of "someday" and disappointed that I was not the lucky owner. I knew I'd never find anything like it again. (at least where I could use a 40% off coupon!) For days I was mopping. I had been to several other Micheal's with no luck of finding my little treasure. All hope was lost...UNTIL my adorable husband brought home some scrap wood. I stared at it and instantly got an idea. I would just make my shelf. I would take this wood and use power tools and paint and whip it up in no time. I created a sketch, gathered the pieces of scrap I would need, called around to family to figure out who had borrowed what tools I need and then put my plan into action. I made this. (with a little...or maybe a lot...of help from that adorable man I said "I do" too !)

Thank you, Thank you, you may all stop clapping or gasping or jumping up and down over my creative genius. I know I couldn't have a more perfect eye for design or steady hand with a saw! (really Matt did help a little) I even mounted it up on the wall and organized it all by myself. Since this thing is just so darn beautiful and I know you've all been dying to see where such creative magic takes place. Here is a little glimpse at my (messy) scrap station.

Well now that I've got my new handy little thing all painted and hung I better start scrapping something to go along with it!


Jana said...

Great Shelf Kelly!!! Does Matt want to make me one too!?? LOL JK I don't have anywhere to hang it. Seriously, that is awesome!!

Keri said...

I bet it's constructed even better than the one @ Michaels. You crafty little thing you.