Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CTMH Pearl Paint Tip

I bought this stuff and just love it! Paint is so much fun anyway, you all know how much I love happy sparkly things so why not put it all together on a scrapbook page or card!

The first step is : Get your hands on some of this fun paint!

Once you've found this awesome stuff lets put it to work. Pick out your paper and a darker ink choice (so it will show through the paint) I used Close to my Heart's cocoa brown. I then stamped my image on the paper

Then I took paint and spread a thin layer over the image, making sure I gave it just enough color to really shine but not to much that I made it Gooey.

I let the paint dry. The CTMH paint dried really quickly so there was not a whole lot of waiting. Once it dried I started to color in my image with my CTMH markers. I used slightly darker colors then what I wanted because over the paint it looks lighter.

Once my Image was done. I cut it out and added it to a card.

I love the extra little POP it adds to my image and my card. I can't wait to use this on my cupcake stamps!

Another great idea for this stuff: Add some reinker to it and then paint over paper flowers for your very own bling bloom! Or paint over chipboard letters for so shiny titles. This is so much fun I think I am going to scrap right now... It is spring break (meaning it's time to stay in my PJ's and stay home all day! If only those two older kids would take a nap too, then I'd really be able to play.)

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