Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've been dreaming.....ZZZZZ

A while ago my husband made a passing remark about owning a scrapbooking store. He attempted several jokes about how there would be nothing in it because I would use it all. He poked fun at how he would really NEVER see me. He even joked about filling it up with Close to my Heart supplies! I laughed along with him and smiled at ANOTHER one of my obsessions.

Then he sent me a listing for a scrapbook store for sale. I laughed as I peaked through the email. Laughed as I imagined owning my own store. laughed at the thought of an adorable store with pink walls and tons of the latest and greatest supplies. The dreams soon followed as a store name, a floor plan and even the special events I would just HAVE to hold where all planned out in my sleep. I now can't seem to shake the idea and have officially started a new crush, my prefect job: owning a store called "My (pink) Scrappy life". I'd of course have crowns and frills everywhere. You'd walk in and never want to leave. (kind of like you feel about starbucks..right? Maybe I should have a starbucks in my store...If Barnes and Noble can do it why can't I?" I'd have a place where my kids could "live" and fun music always playing and a Chick flick scrap night every Friday! I wake up with a smile of the thought and set off into my life. There is no way this will happen. I definitely do not have the time, energy or money to pull it off...but isn't it always fun to dream? Isn't fun to create these wonders in your head and smile at just the possibility of it coming true? The possibility of really surrounding my life with this awesome hobby? To me I have to even add an extra giggle because years ago I wanted to own a children's book store. Downtown Milford had one and it was a place I just loved to be. When it closed down I would have done anything to buy it up, yet another dream come and gone. I think I should make a page about my past dreams and even about my pretend scrapbook store. What was your dreams? Did any of you ever want to own a store, a bar, be in a movie or live in Italy...but not really? It would be nice to know that I am not the only "crazy" one out there!

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Jana said...

Kelly, I think that's a great idea!! I would shop there!!.. IN fact.. I might also buy too much stock and there would be none left for your other customers...I'd probably have to work there part-time in order to pay for my supplies.