Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mission Completed.

So included in my scrap happy weekend was not only fun business class but also lots of creative time! We did so many fun projects and one of those projects was lead by none other then Jeanette herself! I'll show you that project a little later because it was filled with tons of useful stamping techniques, which of course I want to share with all of you! So instead I'll be sharing some of the pages I completed. Completed...doesn't that word just make your heart skip a beat. I've got a stack...I mean a stack of pages that need just one more thing on them. It's a lonely group of pages. Sitting there, so unloved, needing a final touch (or a picture) so they can finally be placed in that coveted album. They are out right by my bedroom door. Staring at me every time I walk in and out. I try to rush pass them in the morning. Thinking to myself, I have so much more to do. Plus fresh ideas enter my head daily and I want to work on those ones...not old ones that have been sitting there for months...or years...yup that one hurts. Someday I'll go through and stamp out titles, add brads or FINALLY print out the perfect pictures. I could not let this happen to my cherished pages I made at Regionals. It would be an insult to the wonderful girls that worked so hard to make sure that I did it right, got it done and embellished like a pro! Pages. Check. Pictures. Check. Journaling. Check. Mission COMPLETED!

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