Saturday, March 14, 2009

So happy and So loved

I love Mikayla for all the obvious reasons a mother loves her daughter. What I love the most is her happiness. Let me say there is a lot of drama. There is a lot of crying fits. What I love is that the fits usually don't last long. Mikayla is very good at shaking it off. She stops her crying, dusts herself off and finds something else to make her happy. I love that she doesn't dwell on things for long. (well sometimes I think it might do her better to dwell a little longer or maybe she should just think about her actions. Like not lying to Mom when I saw her do it with my own eyes!) Let me be clear, there are times when it is impossible for her to let things go. It's typically something silly too! For the most part she shrugs and moves on. What a girl, so unlike her mother, I am sure this will help her as she goes through life.

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