Friday, February 27, 2009


I met one of the most amazing women this weekend, Jennette Lynton the founder of Close to my Heart. She is beautiful, peaceful and inspiring. I was overwhelmed and nervous about meeting her. I'd been thinking and praying about it for weeks now. I knew I wanted to approach her. I knew I wanted to talk to her. Yet, I was so afraid that I would be disappointed, that I would get a hand shake and smile and be sent on my way. I was afraid she wouldn't be the kind and friendly person I see in all things Close to my Heart, on her blog and what I heard. What if She was like one of those people that everyone says "oh he/she is SO great" and then you meet them and they aren't. I had worked up such a fuss over one person I was determined to avoid her at all cost. No way was I going to be disappointed. No way was I going to get my hopes up. No way was I going to be fooled. The first day of regionals finally arrived. My bags were packed, my hair was done, I was dressed and out the door with plenty of time to spare. Matt and I were not driving for more then 15 minutes when all of a sudden the highway is slowing down. CLOSED. CLOSED. CLOSED. If I were in Detroit this would be nothing, piece of cake nothing, in Phoenix ...that's a different story. I could feel my heart racing. I was so upset. How dare there be trouble on my very important day! Don't they know that I am NOT meeting one of my role models today! Don't they know that I am going to "avoid at all cost" my inspiration. Don't they know that scrapbooking is my life, my passion, the cream in my coffee or the pink in my blog! I kept thinking "this is so unfair!" Like a child I sat and pouted as minivans and utility trucks sped by me. I sat thinking how I was going to miss my chance of not meeting someone who created a company that makes it so easy and beautiful to preserve my precious memories. Matt, in his unknown glory, saved the day. A calm head and some U-turns and we were back on track. We finally arrived. I lept out of the car, told Matt to take a hike, and quickly walked into the building... I was LATE. Last minute, last one in the door, last one checking stuff out horrified LATE! I crept in and looked around for a safe place to sit. (Since all my CTMH buddies in the D wouldn't come with me!) and who would be standing in back of the room but Jeanette. I was like a deer in headlights staring at her. There was no running away, no hiding in another room, no introduction needed. I stared at her until finally without even knowing what was happening I was giving her a hug. All I could muster out of my frozen mouth and stunned body was "It's such a pleasure to meet you." She asked me my name and smiled and sent me on my way. I felt peaceful and calm, like I had met an old friend. She is like "human sunshine". Like a pink scrappy happy.
I was so excited I could scream. It was the first time that I have met (at least according to me) someone of celebrity status. After that I was determined to get some more. I was determined to be prepared. I would have my camera ready. I would have my thoughts straight. I would have the joy of having a conversation with her. The rest of the morning I waited for my chance. I waited to have a minute to introduce myself the proper way...with camera in hand. I spied on her. I felt like a facebook stalker. Watching and wondering if I would ever get a second go. Had I blown it in my rush and confusion of the morning? Was a lack luster hello all I would get? Of course not. I would never settle for that. I bravely went up to her after lunch ( interrupting a conversation... I am so sorry for that!) Smiled and handed over my camera to the lovely lady. I smiled big and wide for all you at home who wouldn't come with me! Happy Happy Day. Not only did I get my picture taken with her. I actually got to talk to her! It was a blessing. She was and is everything that I thought and wanted her to be. She treated me with love and respect (even though I am a nobody in the sales land, even though I am not the brightest candle in the bunch and even though I interrupted her conversation) I felt valued. I love her for that. I am sure every consultant who she talked to this weekend felt the same way. She truly loves and appreciates us all and that shows. So here is my first celebrity meeting. Not to rub it in or anything (yeah right!) It wasn't just Jeanette that was awesome it was all the staff. Since once again I didn't have any groupies from Michigan to hang out with I had to pal around with people like Kristine, Stacy, Carlie, Tia and Monica...It was a hard life.
And to my extreme pleasure they all treated me like I belonged there. They were all funny and silly. Kristine had me laughing all the time. She is one of those people that you just want to be friends with. I can't imagine what it would be like to work with her. You'd never be able to breath you'd be laughing so hard. Monica was adorable, for someone who has six kids I don't know how she looked so put together! She was such a doll you just wanted to pinch her cheeks. I mean too disgustingly cute! (maybe I don't like her...)
Carlie was so brave teaching all us our pages and projects. She was sweet, kind and patient. You could tell that she is the type of person that sees good in everyone and everything. She never got frustrated, annoyed or mean while taking us step by step through project after project. Even when there were 20 women asking her a question she was pleasant and heart warming.Tia was silly and playful, like a kid at heart. Once I told her my idea she jumped at it and wanted to play along. Her and Stacy were thinking up ways to make this post even more fun!
Stacy was awesome in one of the business classes. I not only learned some great tips to help me with Close to my Heart but some things for Matt's business as well! Plus she was friendly, light hearted and an avid drinker of diet coke. I liked her laid back demeanor yet, you could feel the passion jumping off of her. I also met some other great consultants. All of them welcomed me with open arms. I learned some great tips and tricks that they do to help make their businesses fun and exciting. The whole time I felt like I was at one of the Crop for Kids events or my bi-monthly church crop. I hope you all are green with envy at my awesome weekend, my new friends and pink scrappy pages! So there it is me just hangin, with the girls plus all the fun artwork we did the first day. I'll post the other stuff as soon as I take pictures


Tia said...

It was SO great to have you there, you were so much fun and we all hope you come to another event soon so we can hang out again!! :)

PS: I told you I would read your blog! :)

wishbonesandfunnybones said...

You REALLY did post our pictures! How fun! I am so glad I met YOU and I can't wait to read more on your blog! --Stacy

my(pink)scrappylife said...

You guys rock! I hope I can come to another event too! I am looking into leadership and hope that I can come!