Thursday, February 5, 2009

listening to your heart

Sometimes it's hard to decode what your heart is saying. Sometimes God speaks to you in amazing ways. Last week we had an unexpected and sudden death in our family. God spoke to my cousin's heart that day. She called me up and wanted to get together. She said she had been thinking about our grandfather ( who passed years ago) a lot and had a bad feeling. I had to work that night so we instead decided to meet up for coffee in the morning. When morning came I got the phone call about my uncle. I was so saddened that I hadn't been there for my cousin but so happy that God had sent her a message, in a way some comfort. So obviously you all know why I have been MIA. I will miss my silly, funny uncle so much and I hope everyone prays for my aunt and cousins and their children during this hard time. My family makes me feel blessed and reinvigorated and I can't wait to dive back into my creative juices and get rolling again. I have a new love for God and a feeling that he is watching over me. What a great life it is to have someone love us so much.