Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Flu has left the building

It's amazing I am not sure how we all survived. It's a sneaky little thing that flu. It's sneaks in your house in the quiet of the night. When you are all sleeping soundly, feeling good, dream our dreams and then BAM it hits. The crying begins, the yuck is flying every where and suddenly your husband's face is turning blue. Then one after another it takes you down. Stunned from the sudden hit and fearing for your own health you become an obsessive hand washer, a mad cleaner and constantly saying "don't touch that." Still three bottles of disinfectant later you are laying in bed feeling awful and praying for it to pass quickly. Sigh, the woes of being sick. My husband was the only lucky one. Yet, as soon as it came, it went and we are all well and ready to begin life again.

Now we are moving onto our next paper pack! Starstruck. It's boyish and playful and fun. What would it be better for then these adorable pictures of the world's cutest non-baby (okay he's still my baby but he really isn't a baby...get it?!) He is a super star brusher. Isn't it nice when kids actually like what you want them to do? I hope this is one habit he keeps. When he's all done he even spits, more like sprays, heart breaking cute either way! I love watching him grow but it's all bittersweet since there will be no more babies at my house. Knowing that three is good makes cherishing each moment that much important. It also helps me focus on what is awesome about growing up and how really honestly each stage is wonderful. Plus my sister in law is due in April and I can hold and cuddle her little baby soon enough!

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