Friday, December 5, 2008

Wow, you look good today!

Well, I'm a mother of three, I get up early, I do house work and to say the least I have a very unglamourous lifestyle. A long time ago, like maybe three years, I use to get dressed everyday. I use to get my hair cut and colored. I use to never leave the house without my toe nails painted...even in the winter. I actually use to own a full length mirror and wonder how in the world anyone could NOT have one in their house. I use to buy expensive make-up from department stores and splash my favorite scent on. I bought my clothes from places like Banana Republic and Macy's. My shoes ALWAYS made the outfit just right. Well obviously now-a-days things are a bit different (otherwise I wouldn't have brought it up) Now I roll out of bed and hope that the shirt I pull out of the wash doesn't have buggers on it from when the boys were using the pile for a safety net. I fumble in the dark for a pair of matching socks and hope that a pair of my "cozy" pants are free from stains and not all in the wash. Between this I am yelling at the kids to stop playing and start brushing their teeth, combing hair, putting shoes on, changing underwear...I think you get it. I quick wash my face, brush my teeth (trying not to notice the four tons of toothpaste in the sink) and head out the door. This has been my life for awhile. Honestly it never really bothers me. I never really think to myself "gosh I must look REALLY bad" until one day I actually "get ready" and a lovely person will come up to me and say something like "you look really nice in blue." I can't help but laugh because what they really mean is " you look really nice when you get dressed." So is my life. I may not change it. I preferred my sleep to my beauty these days. Although someday I hope that everything I own doesn't come from Target's 75% off section, and that my shoes will once again be my passion and that I can walk out of the house every morning knowing that I don't have dried toothpaste on my face.

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