Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Guy

Gavin is just such a sweet little man. His love for Lightening McQueen is unwavering. Remembering when it all started seems impossible. He has moved on to like other things as well. I mean we don't watch cars 20 times a day anymore and he doesn't wear his cars pj's 24 hrs a day. Every toy he touches doesn't have to be related to the movie and our conversations don't always involve some sort of comparison to the movie. He has grown. Apart of me is very pleased that we have moved on but another part is sad because it means he is growing up. There is no better way in my opinion to "get over" those sad/happy moments then to go back and search through your photos and come up with a good old scrapbooking page to put the memory to rest and your heart at ease.
pattern paper and stickers : bo bunny
cardstock: bazzil
Brads: unknown