Sunday, November 23, 2008

S is for School

Gavin didn't go to school this year. Things are so crazy in our lives that I just couldn't justify putting him in. Money is tight, times are tough and through it all I would rather have him close by and making me work a little harder! So I took the pictures of him last year and pushed them to the back of my stuff. I think I was still a little upset that he would be "missing out" on something. Well the school year is under way and I am feeling a bit better about my decision. It has made him closer to his little brother. It gives him time to be "boss" of the house since Mikayla is in school all day. Even more important is it makes me try super hard to find fun things for him to do. The "pain" and "sorrow" has gone so now they finally made it into the scrapbook with no remorse or regret. Do you have photo's like that? Ones sitting around that are just to "hard" to scrap right now? Even if I don't know it at the time I've realized that somethings are just too hard to scrapbook right now. I don't want to remember, I don't want to face it or I'm too angry to think about it. So I push them off into my box and make excuses like "I don't have the right paper" or "I'm not in the mood right now." I think scrapbooking makes you grow. It makes me face things that I may have put off for years but instead they are right up in my face saying "when are you going to scrap me!" Today I am glad for them. It's made me look at my decision and say "Yeah, it was the right one, maybe not the easiest one but the right one." Gosh what would I do without this hobby!

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