Friday, November 21, 2008

Another CTMH pearl paint tip

Alright so I first saw this tutorial on this website. As I was watching it I thought "hey that would be a great thing to do with Close to my Heart's pearl paint." So I made three flowers doing three different things. For all of them I found two pieces of scrap paper that I liked and punched out a bunch of different sized circles. On one set I took my edge distresser and roughed up the edges. I placed all the circles out and painted over them with the CTMH's pearl paint. I let them dry slightly. I took the circles that I used with the edge distresser and put a brad through them and squeezed the edges of each circle. The next set of circles I did the same thing (these ones did not have distressed edges). The last set I crumpled all the circles in a ball and then flattened them back out and put a brad through them. These are what I ended up with. I didn't need to get them wet like in the tutorial because the paint keeps the paper movable. I did use my heat gun to set them. I hope you have fun making some of these flowers. I'll post a layout as soon as it's done.

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