Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1 year and counting

Well it's almost been two years and that little man still steals my heart. I know you are not aloud to have a favorite but this boys just is sometimes. He is constantly happy. He loves to make people smile. Being silly is just his personality. From day one he's been like this. So I decided to make a page every year that describes my favorite silly things he does to make people laugh. His first year I decided to talk about the "look". When Peyton was little he would tilt his head down and make is big eyes look way up and move his head around until he got your attention. Then he would shriek with joy which of course would make anyone smile. He'd give a big smile kind of like saying "mission accomplished." Year two is approaching fast and I am debating whether to talk about his tackling hugs or his "I love you" hitting!

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