Monday, November 17, 2008

Let them eat cake!

If you have paper in every corner of your scrapbooking space raise your hand. (my hand is raised) Last month I did a craft show and decided to get ride of some of those clutter filled scrap folders. Well, since then I have decided to clean up my space and I soon realized that I have paper stashed everywhere. I have bags from scrapbooking stores filled with paper, project folders filled with paper, CTMH boxes filled with paper not to mention my other folders and files and carries filled with paper. Of course I started to organize and put it away and I soon found a pile of paper that has no partner and has no home. How sad to have no home. How sad to have no one that is just a little like you. So I thought to myself everyone needs a home and I decided to make a "junk" folder for my extra paper to go so it has a home. This is not junk by the way, its just paper without a goal in mind. Well you can't just hang out with no goals can you? I will not stand for that so I mad a goal for myself and my "junk" paper. My goal is to make a page or some cards or a project out of my junk paper once or twice a month when I sit down for a random scrapbooking session. I put the folder close by so I can glace through it when I need to. I am hoping that it will inspire me to use up that paper I just had to have and remind me that I do not need more paper with no project in mind for at least a little while. I also decided that I am going to make a change jar with some of the paper and every time I use a piece I am going to stick some random change laying around my house in if for a reward. Once all the paper is used up I'll have a nice little stash to spend just on scrapbooking stuff. I encourage you all during these hard times to find ways to stay inspired, keep creating and reward yourself for meeting your challenges.

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