Friday, July 18, 2008

So Jealous!

I am so Jealous of all those girls going to CHA. That's all you hear about for weeks before and weeks after the event. Then there are poor little people like me who just aren't invited! This past weekend we were talking about it and how we're unable to enter into the coveted event. Yeah us outsiders have no clue how to get in but would all love a pass. We don't want to wait until the companies get all their new products to the stores either. Not to mention the people you could meet there. I can just see me walking next to Stacy Julian and being like "Wuz up girl! I just love your new book!" I'd be all dressed in pink and she would make a sure sweet comment back like "I just love your shirt" or "OH, you are the pink scrappy girl from that super pink blog, I just love it!" I would also love to meet some of my stamper friends on splitcoast stampers and ask them a few questions like "how do I get in your club!" I don't really have time to be in the club. It's not really a club anyway more like a job. I have one of those. Actually I have two of those now. Anyway, it's late and my hubby is turning the big 3-0 tomorrow and I have to save up my energy for the jokes and the teasing because he is just sooooooooo old now. (He's got a couple years on me!) I promise after my adorable (old) husband's party I'll post some pictures of my pages I did last weekend. I was the craft teacher at Vacation Bible School this week and have had no time for anything. I miss all my blog hopping and challenges.

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