Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Extra Nugget

Heather is my sister in law. She has been around a long time but was just married to Erik last May. One night she was browsing through the scrapbooks (there is a lot...I mean so many I don't have places for them all) After looking through a couple she makes the comment that she isn't in one scrapbook page. This is not a bad thing. The majority of my embellished papers are of those three darling children I adore. I have a handful of pages about friends, family, my so sweet husband and myself. I just smiled and said that she had to do something pink scrapbook worthy. It was only a couple of weeks later when she finally got her wish. I am not sure if she even really wanted it. Well, it was Thanksgiving and we were all at my house. The pre-feast snacks had not arrived yet and we were STARVING! Erik decided to go to Micky D's and pick up some dollar menu goodies. He gets back and passes them all out. Heather opens her nuggets and says with a heavy sigh "I always hope there's an extra" I couldn't help but laugh. What an optimist. I always make sure they gave me about you? So I grabbed my camera and said "Heather, you just made it into one of my scrapbooks." So her she is her first appearance

I used some great shiney (and of course pink..what else would I use for a very first scrappy page?) paper by SEI. Stickers are also from them. All stamped images are from CTMH and I have no idea where the ribbon is from it was part of a kit I bought at my favorite scrapbook store papertales!

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