Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to Peyton!

My baby turned one and of course it wouldn't be an event at the Kuehn home unless something bad happened! There we are all five of us settled around the table. Mom with the camera the older kids with spoons, plates and forks just waiting to dive into that cake. Dad lights the candle and we all (so beautifully I am sure) starting singing "happy birthday" Next thing you know dad plops the cake right down in front of Peyton and the instant it was in front of him he grabbed for that brightly shining (very hot!) light! Oops poor baby starts crying in pain and huge crocodile tears start streaming down his sweet little face. His little chubby hand was burned from the candle and guess what! After that he didn't want anything to do with that cake. No way, no how, he was not eating cake! I felt awful (yes I took a picture of it all!) So there it is Peyton's first birthday was a mess like the rest of my (pink and very scrappy) Life!

I'll post a picture of his teary face soon!

I also have a knitted baby sweater project, and some great stuff from CTMH serendipity line to post too! I know you'll just love it!

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