Monday, January 7, 2008

So I started

So I started telling everyone about me in the about me section. Well apparently I am long winded because it wouldn't let me post it. So here is what I wrote to introduce everyone to me, my obsessions and my family.

I'm a crafting Queen! I love to create. Although I must admit that scrapbooking tops the list. I am embarrassed to let people see my scrappy space. It's so full of stuff, stuff, stuff I can't even explain my obsession. Often the question is asked "do you really use all this stuff?" yup! Scrapbooking just makes you take other interests related to photography another thing I love to do! I also love to knit, mainly simple projects, especially in these cold Michigan winters! I am also a painter! (I see your eyes getting bigger imagining my space!) I've done a couple of wall projects for my kids school (oh yeah I have those too, three to be exact!) Plus I have some pictures I've painted displayed in my house! I've played in beading (meaning I have a small stash of beads, wire, string and clips when I feel the need!) I'd love to sew but haven't gotten the nerve to ask my husband (yup have one of those too!) for a machine. I once took a class in ceramics...not saying I was very good at it. I do like to bake with those three Monkeys I have but I can honestly say I've never created anything worth seeing...but it's still fun. So crafting, creating and scrapbooking are a great part of my life. I do also have a super cute, super sassy family. Starting with my anti-social husband. Matthew is quiet and thinks all my crafty-ness is a waste of time. He puts up with it though because he doesn't have a choice. He works hard so I can stay home and make him awful dinners (with delicious brownies afterwards!) Next up is my DRAMA Princess Mikayla. She is a 6 yr old Goddess who hasn't realized that she isn't an only child anymore. She is bossy, sassy, and full of determination and if she doesn't know you will "feel a little shy". She is in kindergarten loves Hannah Montana (shhhh we know her secret!) and can't wait until she's 7 so she can have a sleep over. Gavin is the middle child, almost always forgotten. The poor thing. Maybe he shouldn't act so much like his father and he would be noticed more. I'm just kidding he's too funny not to notice. He doesn't say much but when he does it is always amusing. The other day he was drawing fours (he's four now so he can do that because he's big that's why) after drawing several he spins the paper around a couple of times. His face is very intense. He is REALLY thinking. Suddenly he jumps up looks around the room quickly trying to find someone to show. He sees mom and dad and with great urgency says "look my four is a chair too!" he turns his paper upside down and proudly stands there (in his undies he hates being dressed) and smiles. He smiles that smile that says "yeah I know I'm smart, I'm four now." He is already a little engineer. He loves all things that move and he "goes to school too." He is never bad at school only Trent and Luke are (he gives you the down low on all the kids) His teacher told he that if he was naughty she might pass out! How funny that one of my kids is is actually good! Already now it's time for my fiery little red-headed-baby-wonder. Please do not ask me how he got the red hair. It's obvious he didn't get it from Matt or me. He's not the mailman’s baby because she's actually a woman (a very small framed girl I don't know how she carries that bag. Every afternoon I watch this women-child cart this enormous white bag full of mail...mainly junk mail I am sure, all important information is sent through email now anyway. Anyway everyday I just wait for her to fall over. I hope she has one of those beepers "help I've fallen and I can't get up"...wait did I just date myself?) Okay back to the baby. To clear a couple of other things I do not know any red heads. About three months ago my mother in law finally decided to tell up that she THINKS that her Grandfather had reddish hair. OH the truth comes out I obliviously didn't cheat on the love of my life because my child has red hair and neither of us do. I mean who cares that he's not even one yet and it's probably going to go away and everyone will say remember when he had red hair. Peyton, that's the baby, he is always happy, even when he is sad he is happy. He smiles when he cries and cries in more of a “I know this is driving you crazy" way then anything else. He loves to climb too. Apparently he is my climber. The other day he crawled up on top of the playdough container (it's this big blue desk looking thing that holds all that messy stuff really nice) He is bouncing up and down on the thing screaming is achievement for all the hear. I go over like the good mom I am and take him off. As soon as his little body touches the ground he drives back towards his mountain. I left him there in all his glory. The real problem is that he can go up...but not down. So once he's there, he's there.
Well that's me, that’s my obsessions and that's my family. I hope you enjoy reading some more stories, seeing some "Kelly thinks she can craft" artwork and laughing over life with me.


Jana said...

I love your site!!! I love how you put the 3 photos on the bottom how fun!! Can't wait to read more.

Jami said...

You are so funny! Great site...