Friday, January 11, 2008


Do you know what it is? Well Gavin does.
We were checking out at Kroger today and the bagger bends down to Gavin and pulls a sticker off his coat. She says “did you get this at school?” Gavin takes the little green star sticker from her and inspects it in his hand. He gives it one more long look and then sticks it right in the center of his jacket. “Yes” he says “it’s Epiphany.” The lady looks at him and then looks at me a little confused. I know she has no idea what he is talking about. Honestly I barely had an idea of what it was until Mikayla came home trying to spit that big word out three years ago. I look down at Gavin and just kind of laugh to myself. “Gav, can you tell her what Epiphany means?” I say to him. He thinks a minute then smiles kind of a shy smile and says “It’s when the (wise) men find baby Jesus.” The lady stared at him kind of confused. She put the last bag in our cart and we were off. I love how kids just go with it. He had no idea that the women thought he was a little crazy. Well at least he taught her something…maybe she even had an epiphany.

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