Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Peyton!

Peyton is such a wild child. His playful and silly personality makes everyone in the family smile and laugh. He is always looking for a way to have more fun, make you giggle or be active. From hiding under laundry baskets pretending to be a kitty to being Mr. Dare Devil and jumping off Mom's bed he is busy! His temper and need for answers makes him has sharp as can be. You can't pull a fast one with this little man. Now that the kids have started school he is so upset when I drop them off and he doesn't go with them. He is constantly asking me "where is Gavin?" and "where is Kayla?" When I tell him they are at school he slumps and pouts. Sweet morning kisses and peek-a-boo faces are what I get to wake up. Sneaking in the bedroom and quietly talking to mom is my way of waking up. His laugh brightens my day, his smile makes my heart swell and his little kisses (with a smacking sound) brings rainbows to my life. He is a handful, a whipper snapper a monster but he's mine and I love him.