Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well, my stint as a dare devil has ended and I am back to my normal slightly more provoking self. I’m back to my stories and pictures and pretty paper. The change could be because of my recent trip to Frankenmuth or that Mikayla’s shoes caught my attention either way it’s back to the norm for me. Isn’t it funny that the smallest things will trigger a memory or inspire you to be creative? As much as I like to roam this life and find more things that make me smile, I also love that the people right in front of me bring inspiration all the time. Those three little monsters I call children seem to light a fire in my brain. They drive me to make stories, find interesting things to do and be constantly on my toes. Smiles come easily to me though so maybe the people around me are lucky or cursed depending on how you look at it. Often a sign or a silly person in my path will make me laugh. I love that I find the world so amusing but I am sure that my family would appreciate a Mother/Wife that wasn’t so quirky. So I guess I am only back to as normal as I get.

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